When innovation can make old things new again, you get things done better and faster. And when that innovation is in your home sweet smart home? Even better. We’re not just talking about kitchen appliances either. We’re talking home appliances that connect to your WiFi, are loaded up with new capabilities and can even be controlled with a smartphone app now being a reality (we’re living in the future, guys). We’re going to be seeing a lot of exciting new creations at Re:Make 2015 in SF (get tix here!) including the June Intelligent Oven. Life at home as you knew it is changing regularly; see some of the gadgets ahead of the curve.


1. June Intelligent Oven ($1,495): This nifty oven will ensure you never burn your cookies again. It’s loaded with a camera so you can watch what you’re baking/roasting/toasting in real time. Not only is the oven connected to a smartphone app for better control, but it also has a built-in scale and will even send you notifications when the food is ready. Plus, the app also provides you with lots of recipe ideas, so you’ll never be left without a plan for dinner again.


2. Lockitron ($99): Lockitron allows you to unlock your front door at the touch of the button. Whether you’re an Airbnb host or your roommate forgot her keys, you can use their companion app to unlock your front door anytime and anywhere. Also neat is that Lockitron will keep a running feed of who is locking and unlocking your front door, so you can keep an eye out.


3. Nest Smoke Detector ($99): When your smoke detector goes off because you accidentally burned the cookies (which wouldn’t happen if you have the June Oven), you can now silence it immediately using your Nest app. But when things are serious, the app will tell you which part of the house is dangerous to enter due to smoke or even a gas leak.


4. Quirky Aros A/C ($210): This A/C will help you save money — and not just with its eco mode. It’ll actually keep track of how much you spend on cooling every month and help you budget. It also has a programmable schedule and knows the weather forecast, and you can adjust temperatures straight from your smartphone. All together now, yaaaaaaaas.


5. Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Coffee Maker With WeMo ($150): You don’t have to get out of bed to get your coffeemaker started. And nope, you don’t even need the foresight to have programmed your coffee maker the night before. With the WeMo app, you get remote access straight to your smartphone, set a weekly schedule and adjust the brew time if you plan on sleeping in.


6. Canary Home Security System ($249): There seems to be nothing that this portable little home security system can’t do. First of all, you don’t need a technician to set it up. Secondly, this feature-packed system has a camera, motion detector, alarm, heat and humidity sensors and more. And yes, you are linked to your security system via a smartphone companion app, so you can always know that your home is safe.


7. Drop Kitchen Scale ($100): This smart little kitchen scale is one more thing that takes your cooking abilities from decent to gourmet. It connects to your iPad to help you accurately measure out ingredients, find tasty recipes and even share your creations online via their app. After all, baking is an exact science and Drop is here to help!


8. Sleep Number SleepIQ Kids Bed: It’s old news that sleep is crucial to a child’s development, and it can be hard to watch your little one tossing and turning. Sleep Number’s SleepIQ Kids Beds allow parents to control the firmness of their child’s bed, as well as measuring length of sleep. It even has an adorable feature that “checks for monsters under the bed” before you tuck the kiddies in.


9. Whirlpool Appliances With 6th Sense Live: Whirlpool now offers Wi-Fi connection and smartphone app control for several of their heavy-duty home appliances. Your dryer will alert you when your laundry load is ready. Your dishwasher will let you know everything is running smoothly. Your fridge tracks how much energy it’s using. It’s only a matter time before your stove starts asking you what you’d like to eat for dinner.


10. Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker With Wemo ($130): Start your dinner while you’re still at work. Just load up your crockpot with the ingredient and when the time is ready, hit cook. You can adjust the temp and the timer with the accompanying WeMo smartphone app, and a delicious, perfectly cooked meal will be waiting for you when you get home.

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