Apple recently released their iPhone 6S (which isn’t waterproof, but is water resistant), is prepping for the iPad Pro’s November release date and is also gearing up for a second iteration of the Apple Watch as well. All in all, Apple lovers have a whole lot of new toys to play with and look forward to. Perhaps with an Apple Watch on your wrist and an iPhone on your hand, your fingers are looking a little naked? Never fear. According to the folks at BGR, there may be an iRing in the works.


In terms of wearables, there’s already a number of pretty cool smart rings on the market, like Ringly and more. The iRing, however, promises to come with a whole set of rather nifty features as well. Thanks to the sleuths at Patently Apple, Apple filed a patent called “Devices and Methods for a Ring Computing Device” that “incorporates touch-sensitive surfaces, gesture sensors, voice-input recognition, a camera, a microphone and more.”

Whoa. What? Basically an Apple Watch but much smaller. Many of us might be thinking that an Apple ring is overkill and, with such a tiny screen, probably inefficient. Pause. A ring wouldn’t require you to hold the device, since it’s very handily already on your finger. It probably wouldn’t require eye contact with the screen either, and can, according to Patently Apple, be “carried unobtrusively for periods of time… and used when the user requires.” You could potentially use the iRing to change settings in your car or adjust lighting in a room simply by entering it or even controlling your Apple TV, iPad or whatever else with gestures.

Mind blown.

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(h/t BGR, photo via Joosep Martinson/Getty)