It’s the middle of the month and you know what that means: time to reveal this month’s Brit Kit! This time, we’re setting you up with everything you need to serve up some fantastic apps at a dinner party, including a DIY chalkboard cheese tray, wine or juice name tags, and some amazing products from our friends at Chalk Ink.

Each kit contains:

Basswood Small Country Round by Walnut Hollow

Americana Chalkboard Paint by DecoArt

Americana Clear Chalkboard Coating by DecoArt

Chalk Ink 6mm white marker

Chalk Ink reusable chalkboard tags


Paint brush

So let’s take a look inside this kit:

Lot’s of great stuff, right? Time dig into the actual project.

First, you’ll start by painting your Basswood country round.

Next, you’ll create your beverage tags using your Chalk Ink and reusable chalkboard tags. Chalk Ink is AMAZING. It’s like a paint pen, but is erasable with a wet cloth on non-porous surfaces (i.e. it’s safe to use with the chalkboard tags but not on the cheese tray – that’s why we included regular chalk in the kit as well).

Not of legal age or just not into wine? Use the tags to create adorable name tags for drinks. We love these carbonated fruit juice sodas by Izze, but they could also be used on root beer, mason jars… the ideas are endless!

If you’re hosting adults, why not turn the party into a wine tasting as well? Just soak the wine bottles in warm water and use an Xacto knife to remove the labels. Then, place a numbered tag around the neck of each bottle and have your guests vote on the wine they like best.

For more on how to create your chalkboard cheese tray, head to our Chalkboard Cheese Tray tutorial. And make sure you add a piece of wax paper between your food and the paint :)

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