Our rainy day style essentials do a lot to help us navigate April showers, but when the sogginess of spring arrives like clockwork, you’re often left stuck inside when you would rather be out getting a bit of vitamin D. While healthy pizza recipes for a girls’ night in is the more obvious indoor activity, nothing gets the creative juices flowing quite like baking. These adorable desserts are inspired by all things April showers, from stormy cupcakes to cloud cookies that *actually* rain blue sprinkles (it’s true!). Keep reading to discover 12 treats that are perfect ways to spend a rainy April day.


1. Watercolor Cloud and Raindrop Cookies: Watercolor painting your cookies gives you complete creative control. You can paint on a pattern, color them solid or combine the two. Just make sure you let the icing dry completely before you let out your inner Monet. (via Betty Crocker)

umbrella donuts

2. DIY Pink Umbrella Donuts: This DIY is so easy, you don’t even have to turn the oven on. All you do is print the pink umbrella template, cut out your umbrellas and attach to a skewer. You’ll end up with a fun snack worthy of a party centerpiece. (via Studio DIY)

Iced Chocolate Brownie Clouds

3. Iced Chocolate Brownie Cloud Cookies: If you adore the crispy bits of your brownies, then you’ll love these brownie cloud cookies. The blue ombré icing resembles a sky filled with rain clouds. (via Fix Feast Flair)

umbrella cookies

4. Umbrella Butter Cookies: These light butter cookies have a hint of almond flavor for extra depth. You don’t even need a special cookie cutter to make the top of the umbrella. Just use a round cookie cutter and cut that in half for the classic umbrella shape. A plastic bendy straw completes the look of this easy-to-pull-off treat. (via Land O Lakes)

Cloud meringues

5. Meringue Cloud Cookies: Four ingredients and ten minutes of prep get you light, airy cookies that really do look and feel like clouds. The secret to that perfect meringue texture is letting them sit in the oven overnight after they’ve finished baking. Your patience will be rewarded. (via Sweet Explorations)

chocolate umbrellas

6. Homemade Chocolate Umbrellas: These chocolate umbrellas would be a fun and easy DIY for the kiddos. If you can’t find the appropriate molds, try using a fresh piping bag and peeling it off once the chocolate has hardened. (via La Receta de la Felicidad)

cloud cookies

7. Cinnamon Molasses Cloud Cookies: You can turn these cloud cookies into pops, or just leave them as the cute cookies they are. Practice piping the face on parchment paper first so you don’t ruin any of the cookies. (via Sweetopia)

Umbrella Cake

8. Rain, Rain Cake: This rainy day cake is SO beautiful. If you’re a newbie to using fondant, the minimal design of this cake is a great starting point. It’s also a great option for a spring baby shower cake that will make everyone swoon. (via Curly Girl Kitchen)

cloud cake pops

9. Cloud Cake Pops: Surprisingly, you can make these cake pops in only seven steps. Plus, the part that holds the cloud and raindrop together is edible, so there’s no annoying stick to dispose of after you gobble it up. (via Craftsy)

Stormy Black Sesame Cupcakes with Sunshine Inside 1

10. Black Sesame Cupcakes With Lemon Curd: Some rainy days can come with a few storms. Eventually, the sun does come back out, and the same goes for these cupcakes. Inside of this black sesame cake there’s a surprise lemon curd filling that will *definitely* brighten your day. (via Sprinkle Bakes)

Umbrella Cupcakes

11. Umbrella Cupcakes: If you’re looking to graduate from novice cupcake decorating to a more advanced technique, now’s your chance. The great thing about these cupcake toppers is that you can make them way in advance and then break them out whenever you need them. (via Good to Know)

raining cloud cookies

12. Cloud Cookies That Actually Rain: Don’t be intimidated by these adorable cookies. They’re way easier to make than they look, and are so worth the effort. Get a group of friends together to work on them, and then make it rain! (via The Bearfoot Baker)

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