We’ve all heard of fitness trackers. You know, those apps, bracelets and gadgets that track your steps, calories and activities? They’re designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle. The Arcus Motion Analyzer is taking this concept (and wearable tech) to a whole new level.

Now seeking funding on Kickstarter is this motion-detecting smart ring that not only tracks your moves, but helps improve on them. As with most techie gadgets, this one connects via Bluetooth to the corresponding app on your phone. And, it has built-in wireless charging technology, which is pretty awesome.

Athletes, especially, will love this fancy device, whether you’re an amateur or a pro. Sports-wise, the Arcus focuses on golfers, tennis players, hockey players, kayakers, swimmers and boxers. Just wear the ring while you perform these activities (yes, it’s waterproof) and be prepared to be amazed by all of the feedback it pulls up — even after just one round of golf. Fore!

Not an athlete? Not a problem. Arcus can also be useful at work. If you’re giving a presentation, you can wear the ring while making small gestures to change slides. You can also wear multiple at once. Heck, you can use it to control other devices (like that robotic arm you’ve got laying around). Gamers can use it as an FPS controller. Basically, no matter what high school clique you were involved with (jocks, geeks, gym rats — you get the picture), you can probably find a use for this brilliant tracker ring.

Because this is a Kickstarter, Arcus rings are not yet available for purchase… unlesssss you contribute to their super cool project. When you decide to become a backer, you can choose a ring from a variety of colors and sizes. And they’re set to deliver in February 2015, which is a small amount of time to wait for something this amazing.

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