How ever you choose to spend your hard days — working the grind, creating works of art, dancing all day — there’s nothing like returning to your home and taking a deep breath. But when you step through the front door and are faced with odors from the litter box, compost box, or piles of dirty laundry, you suddenly have the urge to clean instead of taking some time to relax. Here are our favorite aromatic helpers to make your sanctuary smell amazing.

1. InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser ($70): There’s lots of debate regarding the powers of essential oil. Essential oil loyalists suggest putting it in recipes, rubbing it on certain parts of the body to heal ailments, and other sorts of naturopathy. And while we can’t validate these theories, we can say that essential oils do make great air fresheners. Pair this diffuser with a set of essential oils and you’ll have this Amazon best seller working its magic in no time.

2. Williams Sonoma Fleur de Sel Potpourri ($25): This easy breezy potpourri set uses essential oils to diffuse a delicate and refreshing scent in your home, plus it comes with hand lotion, hand soap, dish soap, and a candle. The items in the set will add a beachy element of decor to your abode.

3. Williams Sonoma Cinnamon Sticks ($14): Cinnamon is an instantly recognizable and powerfully aromatic scent. You can use cinnamon sticks as an all-natural air freshener in your kitchen and around your home. Cinnamon sticks are also a key ingredient for tasty spiced wines and ciders, so you’ll get a lot of use out of one jar.

4. Gardenia Bottled Upped by Simone & Troy ($25): Perfectly fitting to your home’s floral theme, this gardenia is more than a romantic addition to your decor. It’s a sneaky way to diffuse floral fragrances into a room.

5. TerraViam Toilet Teas – French Lilac ($11): No matter how often you clean it, the bathroom can sometimes get smelly. Fight that stink with the help of these adorable Toilet Teas we found on Etsy. You can put them directly in the toilet or, like some reviewers advise, put one or two in a cute bowl of water somewhere in your bathroom for a more long-lasting scent.

6. Yapoma Incense Matches ($2 each): These are mini incense matches that burn in a variety of scents, from French vanilla to musk. Because of their compact size, they burn quickly (so you won’t forget about them), and you can also throw them in your purse or car to take them on the go.

7. SachetsbySacha Handmade Frida Kahlo Lavender Scented Sachet ($10): If ideal additions to your sanctuary include the presence of your favorite Mexican lady painter and the fresh, relaxing scent of lavender, then add to cart.

8. Lavender Kitty Sachet ($8): What is a Kitty Sachet, exactly? These cute fabric cats are packed with fresh lavender. You can put them in your drawers, your closets, and on top of your bed so your bedroom and clothes always smell fresh out of the laundry.

9. Smells Begone Odor Eliminating Gel Beads ($7): Gel beads are a safe alternative to candles because you don’t have to watch them and remember to blow them out. These gel beads absorb and neutralize odors and can last up to three months. The scent of one tub of beads covers about 450 square feet, so you may need to purchase a couple and place them in various rooms for a cohesive scent across your home.

10. Febreze Air Effects ($24 for six): After seeing all of the commercials, we’re haunted by the potentially sunk in odors that reside on fabrics like our couches. Stocking up on your favorite Febreze scent and frequently refreshing your couches, pillows, and other frequently used (but not easily washed) linens is a great way to make sure you never have to ask yourself, “What’s that smell?”

11. Ms. Betty’s Original Bad-Ass Scented Soy Candles ($19): This air freshener is our favorite to give as a gift. With sayings like “Stay Weird” and “Soy Glad We’re Friends” printed on the glass container, this gift is a real nose-pleaser.

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