Leave it to MTV to continue to push the boundaries. The 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards are different than any movie or television awards ever before, and it’s not just because of how the two genres (film and television) are being presented at what was previously just the MTV Movie Awards. While many have been going gaga over the insane red carpet looks at the show, others have focused on a different change in this year’s presentation.

With the announcement that the show would be presenting gender-neutral awards, all eyes were on the telecast to see how it would play out — and MTV broke the gender ceiling with non-binary actor Asia Kate Dillon giving out the first award of the night.

Arriving to hand out the “Best Actor in a Movie” award, Dillon took a moment to mention that they were breaking new ground, being the first non-binary presenter to hand out an award to a gender-free category. They went on to say that they hoped more awards shows would take MTV’s lead and head toward non-binary award shows, before handing the popcorn trophy to Emma Watson for her role in Beauty and the Beast.

Watson took a moment during her acceptance speech to thank Dillon for their “patience” in teaching Watson about being gender non-binary, and that she felt grateful for the education. She went on to express her gratitude for being able to play Belle in BATB because of her personal struggle and growth.

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(Photo via Matt Winklemeyer/Getty)