This Aspiring Makeup Artist Isn’t Letting Her Feeding Tube Stop Her Dreams
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This Aspiring Makeup Artist Isn’t Letting Her Feeding Tube Stop Her Dreams

Emily Jones is a 22-year-old aspiring makeup artist with a rare autoimmune disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (Type III). As a result of her disease, Jones uses a wheelchair and a feeding tube. But she isn’t letting that stand in the way of her passion for makeup. She creates fun, glittery looks that she shares on Instagram with her 17K followers.

 “I’m so grateful for the phenomenal amount of support I’m getting,” she told Allure. “People are being so kind, and I’m so happy to be doing something I’m really passionate about. I’ve had a lot of fellow tube-fed people approach me saying they’re grateful I’m giving them the confidence to do makeup, as well.”

The aspiring MUA discovered her love for makeup at 19. “I was instantly curious about how it would make me feel as I’m a very shy person,” she said. “Wearing it made me feel happy.” She taught herself using Youtube tutorials. “I’m so grateful for the skills they taught me and for them making me believe in me and my makeup application abilities. I have watched Carli Bybel and Nikkie Tutorials from the start, and they started off my love for makeup.”

She continued, “Makeup means everything to me — it gives me the confidence to be myself without the judgment of others. Makeup takes away the self-consciousness I feel because of my NG tube and makes me feel gorgeous!”

Jones has plans to start her own Youtube channel, but for now, you can follow her looks on Instagram at @beautybyemilylou_.

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(h/t Allure; Photos via @beautybyemilylou_)