Pregnancy is a totally unique experience. And with all the good comes the morning sickness, swollen ankles, and gut-wrenching heartburn. When those not-so-pleasant symptoms knock your mood down a few notches, check out the easy ways to up your attitude and go preggo positive.

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1. Work it out. Take a walk around the block, go for a swim, or do another exercise you typically enjoy. Not only will a quick workout boost your mood, but it will also add an extra burst of energy to your day.

2. Take a class. Not into walking solo? Join a prenatal yoga or water aerobics class. Again, you’ll get a mood and energy rush from the activity, but that’s not all: You’ll also get the complete camaraderie of other mamas-to-be.

3. Go on a date. In a few short months (or weeks!) you’ll go from two to three. Spend time with your S.O. — even if it’s just staying in for the night and watching a fave flick together. And bonus points for your other half if they spend the evening totally pampering you with back massages, foot rubs, and a feast of all the foods your morning sickness-afflicted self can eat.

4. Have a girls night. No one lifts you up like your BFFs. Gather the girls together for an evening of baby-talk-free fab fun. Forget about those swollen ankles and don’t bother mentioning that you now need a special elastic waistband in your would-be skinny jeans. Go out for mocktails, stay in and dish about the Kar-Jenners, or just spend time hanging with your beloved inner circle.

5. Just breathe. Pregnancy can overwhelm even the coolest of mamas. And that’s okay. Take a deep breath in, go to your happy place, and just “be” for a few moments. This simple act of mini-meditation will recharge and renew your spirit and totally turn your mood around.

6. Spend some spa time. Every mom-to-be needs a little pampering in her life. If you’re not giving yourself the attention you deserve, let someone else do it. Book a pregnancy massage, have a facial, or get a mani-pedi. One caveat: Before booking any spa service, always let them know you’re pregnant. Some treatments and products are not okay during your three trimesters.

7. Get romantic. You don’t necessarily need an entire night out with your significant other to take advantage of this mood booster. A few moments of quality time together can totally turn your day around.

8. Eat something healthy. Even though you’re craving candy, cookies, and cupcakes, mountains of refined sugar and processed foods won’t do much to rev up your mood. Nosh on a green salad, snack on a piece of fruit, or mix yourself up a smoothie for a healthy energy boost.

9. Ugly cry. Holding those hormone-fueled emotions in isn’t helping anyone. Let them out. Now. If you feel like crying, then cry. Probably not in the middle of Starbucks or during your company’s morning meeting (letting loose in public may just make you feel worse), but find some alone time and just let those tears flow.

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