If we learned anything from CES, it鈥檚 that the smart, stylish, wearable tech (and just plain weird tech) spotted in Vegas last week shouldn鈥檛 stay in Vegas, but should find its way to everyday consumers to improve their lives. Car manufacturer Audi promised to do just that, unveiling its plans for a vehicle sensor system that will turn your car into a totally sick personal health manager. Dubbed the 鈥淔it Driver,鈥 the tech would customize the driving experience like never seen before, going so far as to call for emergency help to get you out of sticky situations on the road.


The Fit Driver was born out of Audi鈥檚 vision of a 鈥渇uture in which drivers leave their cars more relaxed than when they entered them.鈥 To that end, their forthcoming tech would rely on a wearable in conjunction with built-in car sensors to help you monitor your health and fitness on the road. A smart watch or fitness wristband would monitor a driver鈥檚 key vital stats like heart rate and skin temperature. Vehicle sensors would combine this data with metrics on driving style, breathing rate, weather and traffic. By extrapolating this data, the Fit Driver would deduce whether you鈥檙e stressed out or fatigued. If elevated stress or fatigue levels are detected, the car鈥檚 internal systems would kick in to help you chill out and keep you safe at the wheel.


How exactly would the Fit Driver calm you down? Audi says it would offer the driver climate control, 鈥渋nfotainment,鈥 interior lighting and even an invigorating seat massage. An in-car personal masseuse? Umm鈥 yes please! But that鈥檚 not all. If the Fit Driver senses you鈥檙e stressed, it can even offer up video-based breathing exercises through a biofeedback system. When you鈥檙e caught in gridlock, the Fit Driver can recommend a nearby rest stop to get you out of traffic and into your zen place again. And if you鈥檙e having a health crisis at the wheel, the Audi Fit Driver will even act as your emergency contact, because Audi says that 鈥渋n a later project phase,鈥 the Fit Driver will incorporate the ability to execute an emergency stop and place an emergency call on your behalf in extreme situations.

The Audi Fit Driver hasn鈥檛 hit the road yet, so for now, stay safe at the wheel and stay tuned for more coverage on this smart and compassionate car tech.

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(Photos via Audi Illustrated)