You read that right. Though the photos are minimal, the production super limited, and the idea kind of bonkers, our jaws instantly dropped when we caught sight of AudioOrb.

An Indiegogo project with only one option for funding ($15K for your own orb), AudioOrb is the first spherical speaker you can literally step into, creating a musical cocoon of sound. Designed for a party of one, AudioOrb is all about letting the outside world fade away so you can experience solitude and surround sound all at the same time.

Developed by ST, a creative lab in Scandinavia, each AudioOrb is fitted with temper pillows made to adjust to the shape of your body so that you feel like you are floating when inside the Orb. There are 18 speakers mounted inside to give you a rich and full audio experience, unlike any other.

We can definitely imagine having a serious one-person dance party in an orb like this, but cannot imagine actually having one of these in our homes. But… maybe at Brit HQ? ;)

Want to be your own rockstar boy in the bubble? Then get on it — AudioOrb is making a total of five Orbs EVER, and just two of them are available via Indiegogo.

What do you think of AudioOrb? Would you like to try it out? What other unusual ways have you had a solo dance party? :)