Can you feel it? That’s the cool breeze of fall making its way to a town near you. Summer weather is tapping out, high-fiving the chillier air as it heads south. And you know what? We’re high-fiving it too, yearning for a break from the heat and opportunities to snuggle by the fire. We are especially excited about autumn mornings. They’re perfect for cozying up, warming our hands on a hot beverage and getting creative with warmer articles of clothing. And that’s just the start. We’ve teamed up with Starbucks to share five reasons mornings are better in fall.

1. You Get to Rock Your Layering Game: Summer is all about keeping cool, so there aren’t many opportunities for layering. In fall, we get chillier mornings that ease into warm afternoons, so it’s important to dress for all types of weather. We absolutely love adding accessory layers to our outfits — scarves, hats and gloves lend so much to a look.

2. Piping Hot Cup of PSL: Not only is a PSL the perfect hand warmer, but it also is the epitome of fall.

Made with Starbucks espresso, real pumpkin, seasonal spices and steamed milk, this beverage screams autumn.

3. Staying in Bed Longer Under Warm Sheets: There’s nothing better than being cozy when it’s cool outside. Spending an extra ten minutes in bed under the warm sheets feels like such a fall luxury. (Photo credit: Lumina / Stocksy)

4. Fall Color Palette Inspiration for Getting Dressed: The falling leaves and seasonal fruit create such an inspirational color palette for fall. Add warm hues to your wardrobe, and as we mentioned before, remember to layer!

5. Going for a Run in the Brisk Weather: The cooler weather provides an incentive to head outdoors in the morning for some exercise. It feels so refreshing to step outside into the crisp air and get your heart pumping before the day really gets going. (Photo via Kate Daigneault / Stocksy)

Why do you love fall mornings? We want to hear your reasons in the comments!

This post is a collaboration with Starbucks.

Styling and Modeling: Maddie Bachelder
DIY Editor: Roxy Taghavian
 Photography: Chris Andre