Avocado has been creeping into our diet in interesting ways for quite some time now. Once reserved for outrageous guacamoles, the antioxidant-rich superfood eventually made its way into toast territory and has been integrated into all kinds of tasty snacks since then: ice cream, chocolate, lattes, you name it! The latest incarnation of our fave green snack is here, and trust us when we say you’re DEFINITELY gonna want to try it: introducing avocado pizza.

Bored of traditional avocado toast, Jon Feshan, the executive chef over at New York’s Kola House, decided to reinvent the staple by transforming it into a pizza crafted with “handmade dough topped with layers of sliced avocado, a cilantro garnish, radishes for crunch, and sunflower seeds.” Um, this sounds seriously heavenly (and it better be, for $18 a pop!).

“It’s a good dish because right now we have so many requests for people being vegan or gluten-free, or just wanting to eat healthier,” he told TIME of his inspiration. After testing it out on his VIP tables, Chef Feshan decided to officially add it to Kola House’s spring menu, where it’s been getting snapped up ever since. Actually getting your hands on one will require a bit of luck, however, as only 12 avocado pizzas are being served up each night.

If you’re not one of the chosen few (or simply can’t get to NYC), there’s no need for FOMO: A quick Instagram search reveals endless possibilities for what is sure to become your new breakfast, lunch, and dinner DIY staple (just remember to be careful when cutting, because avocado hand is super scary and super real!). Check out some mouthwatering inspo below.

1. Avocado 2.0: What goes well with avocado? More avocado! As this professional food photog shows off, the perfect topping for your avocado pizza may just be whole stacks of avocado slices, paired with cherry tomatoes and crumbled cheese. YUM!

2. Breakfast Pizza: You can also give your pizza the breakfast treatment by serving it on a pita and adding in a hard-boiled egg, as dietician Melissa Hehmann did.

3.No Mashing Required: If you’re short on time (or energy), simply skip the mashed avocados and replace them with perfectly fanned slices, taking a note from Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen in Chicago.

Excuse us while we go restock our avocado supply…

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(h/t Refinery29; Photo via Kola House)