Important question: Have you ever thought about where baby carrots come from? No? Neither had I. Neither had a lot of people until recently. We all take these perfectly sized, bright orange, crunchy veggies for granted TBH, and never think about how they are made or where they come from. How are they so perfectly shaped? What makes them so smooth? The Washington Post’s recent article about the mini crunchers shed some light on just how they arrived on veggie platters everywhere — and it’s blowing my mind, y’all.

News flash: Baby carrots are just big carrots cut up into ideal snacking sizes *mind exploding*. Okay, let me (and the rest of the Internet that’s also freaking out about this) explain why this is groundbreaking news to us: I never actually gave any thought at all before now to baby carrots’ origins, and I guess I just assumed that all carrots were created equal. AKA they all came from the ground like big carrots do. That is NOT the case. WTF.

Our Brit + Co editorial Slack channel was ablaze with a heated debate surrounding baby vegetables. If you don’t know, listen up: Most mini veggies are literally cut from bigger versions of themselves (example: a coworker of mine recently found out that little broccoli was in fact cut from a bigger head of broccoli). What other vegetable mysteries are out there to blow our minds? Someone get on the baby corn beat. ASAP.

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