Snapchat filters are weirdly addicting. We know this. You know this. And subsequently, all your followers know this. But prepare yourself, because if you thought you were the queen of Snapchat, you are about to be dethroned by鈥 a baby. This adorable video featuring baby Milo is currently making its way around the Internet and is winning over the hearts of Snapchat addicts everywhere.

Danae Wolfe鈥榮 little one Milo was recently playing with the bee filter on Snapchat and basically had the time of his life. At first, he was a little confused. Because, well, is he a bee or a boy? That could definitely be an early onset identity crisis in the making. But alas, he soon realizes it鈥檚 just a bit of fun and starts to play peek-a-boo with himself. After that, it鈥檚 basically all Snapchat gold.

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