Bachelorette contestant Chris Randone got off to a promising start with Becca Kufrin this season, but in his final two episodes, he went from almost swoon-worthy to fully cringeworthy. It all came to a head on the Monday, July 2, episode, when Kufrin sent him home before the rose ceremony, telling the cameras, “He’s not the guy I want in my life, ever.”

After the episode aired, Randone took to Instagram to address his behavior, which included threatening to leave when Kufrin didn’t seek him out at a cocktail party and then feuding with Lincoln Adim (another problematic contestant) during a public event in Virginia.

“Many times we’re quick to find excuses or avoid taking ownership for our actions,” he wrote in a lengthy post, noting that he had received “hate mail, death threats, and negative comments made about [his] mother.”

“I’m not mad or upset with any hatred that’s been thrown at me because it’s been a nightmare for me to watch this journey as well,” he admitted, adding that after seeing himself on camera, he understands why people are upset. “Just like you, I could barely watch the latest episodes in full without cringing and I’m truly sorry you had to endure that pain alongside me.”

He went on to say that he takes “full responsibility” for how he acted on the show. “I spiraled down and let my emotions get the best of me. To put it best, I failed,” he wrote. “Knowing how strong minded I am and to see how weak I was really disappointed me. Yes, I was on a reality TV show and the dynamic is completely different than the real world but no matter what, you still have control. I lost control and it’s something I own up to and send sincerest apologies to my family, friends, and viewers.”

He further admitted that he “lacked emotional intelligence” and was “insecure,” which led to his “disrupting” behavior. “Thinking I was entitled was not only embarrassing but a disgusting mindset,” he wrote. Now, he says he knows he can become a better version of himself and learn from his mistakes.

He concluded his note with a direct apology to Kufrin, writing, “And to [Becca], I’m extremely sorry. I know you’re not the greatest fan of me at the moment but you’re an incredible person and I’m happy to know you found someone that’s amazing. #ownit”

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(photos via ABC/Paul Hebert)