No matter what kind of party you’re planning to throw this summer, you can always do with festive balloons to spruce up your decor. Be it a cactus-themed fiesta or a grown-up pizza party, the creative balloon decorations below will take your party to new heights — literally. No need to bring on the creepy clowns and balloon animals, you can do it all by yourself! Get ready to gather up those craft supplies and take your shindig sky-high with these decor ideas.

diy gem balloons

1. DIY Gem Balloons: These gorgeous floating gems are just the decorations you need to dazzle your party guests. Whether it’s a bridal shower or a 30th birthday bash, these vibrant gemstone balloons will glam it up. (via Studio DIY / Balloontime)

cactus balloon

2. DIY Cactus Balloons: With so many festivals taking place in the desert, it’s no surprise that summer (aka festival season) sees cacti-themed parties popping up left and right. To join in on the festival spirit, pair these cacti balloons with palm fronds and you’ll have a desert oasis party in no time. (via Design Improvised)


3. DIY Cotton Candy Balloons: Who can say no to cotton candy? Add some of the pink fluff to your party decor with these cotton candy balloons for extra sweet vibes. It’s a sure fit for a carnival or dessert-themed celebration. (via Aww Sam)


4. DIY Donut Balloons: Aside from the donut garlands and pool floats, you have to rock donut balloons for a donut party to be legit. Check out some of these other donut party accessories to go all out. (via Studio DIY)


5. DIY Fruit Slice Balloons: These chic fruit slice balloons are surprisingly easy to make, which is always good news! To get the look, decorate foil balloons with tissue paper pieces using spray adhesive. (via Studio DIY)

fruity balloon straws

6. DIY Fruity Balloon Straws: Top those fruity drinks off with appropriately themed fruit straw toppers. You can use mini water balloons to create everything from fruity drink toppers to fruity balloon necklaces for each of your guests to wear. (via A Joyful Riot)


7. DIY Popsicle Balloons: Every summer party can do with popsicles, including blown-up ones. To really get the party crowd going, make sure to serve actual popsicles! (via Studio DIY)

8. DIY Flower Balloons: Flowers are always a nice way to spruce up a plain-looking space. Liven up your party furnishings with these marbled flower balloons, which you can make out of these Celebrate It Multicolor Marble Balloons ($3). Simply blow each of them up, attach them together like petals in a flower, and it’s as simple as that!

ice cream cone balloons

9. DIY Mini Ice Cream Cone Balloon Sticks: These mini ice cream cone balloon sticks aren’t just super adorable party decorations. Hand them out to each one of your friends at the end of the night as fun party favors they’re sure to love. (via Oh Happy Day)

pinata balloons

10. DIY Piñata Balloons: Depending entirely on the color scheme, these fringed-out balloons can look ready for a fiesta or bohemian soireé. Go for bold and vibrantly colored tissue paper fringes like the ones on these balloons for a piñata-like look, or choose earthy + pastel hues for an ethereal appeal. (via Design Improvised)


11. DIY Balloon Flower Numbers: You can spell anything out with balloons! Or you can make anything out of them: shapes, numbers, letters — the list goes on. To make your decorations really pop, throw another element (preferably textured) into the mix like flowers or tassels. (via A Joyful Riot)

pizza balloons

12. DIY Pizza Balloons: If pizza’s got a special place in your heart, you’ve gotta make these cheesy pizza balloons. Get creative with your pizza toppings and you’ll have DIY balloons everyone’s gonna want a slice of. (via Aww Sam)

13. DIY Unicorn Balloons: Planning a unicorn party? Don’t forget to add these magical DIY unicorn balloons into the mix to really bring out those whimsical vibes. A generous dose of glitter wouldn’t hurt either!

birthday cookie balloon placecards

14. DIY Birthday Cookie Balloon Place Cards: As nice as floating balloons can be, these mini balloon place cards are pretty much awesome. Whether you choose to display them on cookies or plop them into drinks, these tiny balloons are just what’s needed to liven up your table setting. (via A Joyful Riot)

cacti balloons

15. DIY Cacti Balloons: If you’re really digging the look of cactus balloons, use those creative juices to whip up a variety of cacti. Before you know it, you and your party guests will feel like you’ve been teleported into a DIY desert. (via Christian Hagemann Photography / Sarah Illenberger)

floral balloon garland

16. DIY Balloon and Flower Garland: Store-bought garlands won’t stand a chance next to this piece of extravagant decor. Made of balloons and faux flowers pieced together using baker’s twine, this lovely hanging decoration is much simpler to make than it appears. (via Little Inspiration)

balloon wall

17. DIY Balloon Wall: Designate where the party’s at with balloon-made walls. You can also use these balloon clusters to frame your doorways for an easy way to make guests feel a little more special each time they pass through those embellished doors. (via The House That Lars Built)

balloon stuffed animals

18. DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals: These party animals are sure to brighten up your child’s birthday festivities. Consider using these weighted balloon animals as festive table centerpieces, or perhaps hang ’em on a string as a unique garland. (via Little Inspiration)

fun balloon tassels

19. DIY Balloon Embellishments: No matter what kind of balloons you decide to go with, make sure their corresponding garlands are up to par. Choose from colorful ribbons, fringe-y tassels or a string of pom poms. The possibilities are endless! (via A Beautiful Mess)

balloon tassel

20. DIY Floral Balloon Tassel: This gorgeous floral tassel is the perfect way to introduce elegance to your party’s decor. Pair with a simple white balloon for an effortlessly sophisticated look. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

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