Brunch is a fab excuse to indulge in whatever the heck we want. Whether it be sweet or savory, the options are endless, especially when bananas are involved. If you thought the tropical fruit was solely meant to be baked into bread or sliced over cereal on a weekday morning, think again. These 14 brunch-y recipes prove that bananas go way beyond the classic uses in the best way ever.

1. Paleo Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes: This stack of cakes is dairy-free, grain-free, and gluten-free, so just about anyone can dig in. They鈥檙e infused with banana flavor and are best served with a drizzle of melted chocolate chips, obv. (via Perchance to Cook)

2. Banana-Walnut Brul茅ed Oatmeal: Bring your bowl of oats to a whole new level with smashed bananas, crunchy toasted walnuts, and a brul茅ed sugar top that is oh-so-satisfying to crack into. (via A Modest Feast)

3. Breakfast Banana Splits: Topped with Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit, this brunch option puts a healthy spin on an old-timey diner fave. (via The Kitchen Is My Playground)

4. Banana Bread and Chocolate Glaze Donuts: Banana bread and shiny chocolate glazed donuts collide in this tantalizing recipe. The kicker? These beauties are done in 40 minutes. (via Clemfoodie)

5. Banana Cherry Smoothie Bowl: Packed with beautifying superfoods, this refreshing vegan smoothie bowl brings a banana cherry combo to your brunch that will knock your proverbial socks off. (via Bakerita)

6. Aquafaba French Toast Casserole: GF and vegan French toast never looked *so* good. It鈥檚 made with aquafaba, nut milk, natural sweeteners, and smashed bananas, so there鈥檚 nada to feel guilty about here. (via A Saucy Kitchen)

7. Vegan Banana Waffles: If you find yourself with an awful craving for a waffle, these soft and chewy bad boys will do the trick. They鈥檙e healthy and only require three ingredients. (via Beaming Banana)

8. Berry Banana Bread: This ain鈥檛 your average banana bread. This loaf encourages you to take full advantage of seasonal berries for a brunch-y treat that will please the masses. (via Breakfast for Dinner)

9. Banana Flapjack Pudding: Made up of porridge oats, bananas, date syrup, and dark chocolate, this stick-to-your-ribs flapjack pudding is LIFE. (via Harriet Emily)

10. Banana Pancakes: This pancake recipe uses overripe and only overripe bananas to naturally sweeten and lend flavor. (via Baking With Anastasia)

11. Banana Foster-Filled Banana Muffins: With a crumbly topping and a Banana Foster filling, this brunch could totally pass as dessert 鈥 but we鈥檒l keep 鈥檈m for brunch, mmmkay? (via The Schmidty Wife)

12. Banana Coconut French Toast: This delicious French toast recipe is perfect for adventurers and explorers, as it uses shelf-stable ingredients for those no-frill camping trips sans cooler. (via Fresh Off the Grid)

13. Banana Bread French Toast: This genius recipe turns something awesome into something even more awesome by combining two faves and topping 鈥檈m with honey cinnamon bananas. (via The Cupcake Chronicles)

14. Honey Banana Grilled Cheese Sandwich: We鈥檙e in *heaven* with this sweet and creamy grilled cheese 鈥榳ich stuffed with mascarpone, sliced bananas, and luscious honey. (via Simply Stacie)

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