There are a ton of reasons to bust out the waffle maker today — one of them being that waffles aren’t just for breakfast anymore. If you find yourself hankering for waffles for dinner, savory waffles are totally a thing! Or maybe your sweet tooth has you thinking more about dessert. If that’s the case, you’ll be thrilled to know there’re a plethora of sweet waffle recipes out there too. Recently, we swooned over this Lobster and Waffle combo, which served as a reminder that the waffle game is strong in today’s culinary world. Here are 20 other ingenious waffle combos to prove it!

Chew Town

1. Parmesan and Parsley Savory Waffles: The savory Italian flavors in this sugarless waffle create the perfect meal for anyone who prefers salty over sweet. With the inclusion of fresh parsley, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and a garnish of crisped prosciutto, the word perfetto certainly comes to mind. (via Chew Town)

Honestly Yum

2. Guinness Waffles With Irish Whiskey Cream: Inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, this dish is a stout-lover’s DREAM. Guinness is whisked into this waffle mix — but the booziness doesn’t stop there! Once plated, these waffles are smothered with Irish whiskey cream and topped with candied pecans. (via Honestly Yum)

Veggie Desserts

3. Sweet Potato Waffles With Cheese Shards: Some dishes are total works of art, and this is one of them — inside and out. The jalapeños in these cheesy sweet potato waffles offer a subtle kick to balance out the natural sweetness. Topped with arugula, a dollop of sour cream or crème fraîche and a crown of cheddar shards, this plate is a true masterpiece. (via Veggie Desserts)

the urban poseur

4. Curried Chicken Salad and Waffle Bread: Mayo lovers, rejoice! This recipe calls for mayonnaise not only in the tasty curried chicken salad, but in the grain-free waffle bread too. In an effort to beat the unbearable summer heat, a cool and crisp meal is always a great option to have — so add this to your list. (via The Urban Poser)

the little plantation

5. Vegan Sourdough Spelt Waffles: This lovely recipe has a bit of a lengthy fermentation time for both the starter and the dough, but as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Topped with vegan yogurt, crushed pistachios, rosewater-infused honey and dried rose petals, it all seems worth the wait. (via The Little Plantation)

Maikin Momokin

6. Buckwheat Waffles With Lentil and Mushroom Filling: These fluffy buckwheat waffles are beer-battered and inspired by savory Russian buckwheat pancakes. Paired with lentil salad, earthy mushrooms and sunflower seed sour cream, this dish boasts Slavish influence with a modernized vegan twist. (via Maikin Mokomin)

Rosie Eats

7. Fig-Soy Sauce Korean Fried Chicken With Ube Waffles: This unique and vibrant recreation of chicken and waffles could give the ol’ classic a run for its money! These waffles are made with Ube (a sweet purple yam, hence the violet hue) and topped with chicken wings that have been shaken in a sweet and salty lip-smackin’ fig soy sauce. (via Rosie Eats)

food faith fitness

8. Cornbread Waffles With Pulled Pork and Maple Apple Chutney: If you’ve ever wondered what the South would look like on a plate, this is it. With pulled pork and maple apple chutney placed on a cozy bed of (healthy) cornbread waffles, a delicious food coma is in your near future. (via Food Faith Fitness)

go go go gourmet

9. Pumpkin Waffle Sandwiches With Apple Butter and Melted Brie: Pairing melty, gooey Brie with fruity concoctions and sandwiching them between toasted bread is nothing new, but this pumpkin waffle sandwich is boasting our favorite fall flavors and giving us a reason to look forward to October. (via Go Go Go Gourmet)

my fussy eater

10. Cheddar and Chive BLT Waffle: A classic BLT sandwich can’t fail anyone — but imagine the crunchy bacon, juicy tomato slices, crisp lettuce and creamy mayo squeezed between two cheddar and chive waffles. We think it’s time we say goodbye to the classic version for a while… (via My Fussy Eater)

go stuff yourself

11. Ultimate Breakfast Waffle Taco: We’ve witnessed both waffles and tacos being eaten for breakfast — but waffle tacos? This is a rare gem, friends. These bad boys are stuffed with cheesy scrambled eggs and topped with sausage, guacamole, salsa, grated cheese, cilantro, jalapeño pesto and pickled red onions. (via Go Stuff Yourself)

running to the kitchen 2

12. Buffalo Hummus Chicken Waffle Bites: With all the deliciousness of buffalo chicken wings combined with spongy waffles and melted cheddar, these apps are superb for game day. The real kicker is that there’s hummus thrown into the mix — so it’s kinda healthy, right? Right. (via Running to the Kitchen)

climbing grier mountain

13. Potato Chip Crusted Chicken Meatball and Waffle Bites: These waffle bites knock it out of the park with their potato chip crusted chicken meatball toppers. Drizzled with sweet maple syrup, they’re a perfect addition to any brunch menu. (via Climbing Grier Mountain)

Cravings in Amsterdam

14. Zucchini Waffle Dippers With Avocado Sour Cream: Finger foods are amazing, especially on weekends when you’re entertaining or keeping it low key and relaxed. These hunks of zucchini waffle brilliance are paired with a smooth and creamy avocado sour cream for dipping. (via Cravings in Amsterdam)

Striped Spatula

15. Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict With Dill Waffles: Eggs Benedict is such a breakfast treat with its silky poached egg and smooth hollandaise sauce. Throw some smoked salmon into the mix and top everything onto a dill waffle, and you’ve basically gifted yourself a ticket to euphoria! (via Striped Spatula)

Avocado a day nutrition

16. Scallion Cornbread Waffles With Spicy Chicken and Homemade Ranch: This is what we need in our lives — a healthier take on classic chicken and waffles. These cornbread waffles are donned with crispy baked chicken, avocado, tomatoes and a light homemade ranch dressing. Dig in guilt-free. (via Avocado a Day Nutrition)

baking ginger

17. Matcha Gluten Free Waffles: Matcha has been all the rage for a while now. After being blended into countless goodies, it’s about time the waffle gets a matcha makeover. With its earthy green pigment and delicious green tea flavor, these waffles make for a gorgeous and tasty breakfast or brunch. (via Baking-Ginger)

goodie godmother

18. Croque Monsieur Waffle Sandwich: If you look the word “delectable” up in the dictionary, it should have a photo of this waffle sandwich next to it. In this mouth-watering creation, the sweetness of the ham plays off of the sourness of the Swiss with a lightly spiced béchamel. (via Goodie Godmother)

kale me maybe

19. Savory Spiralized Potato Waffles With Avocado Smash and Egg: Fast, filling and healthy, these potato waffles are hands down the ultimate brunch food. Simply finish them off with some smashed avocado, fried eggs, black pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon to brighten those flavors. (via Kale Me Maybe)


20. Pepperoni Pizza Waffles: In life, there should be a pizza version of everything — waffles included. When something is stuffed with stretchy mozzarella, salty parmesan and pepperoni, all is right in the world. A basic dough recipe spiced with basil and garlic replaces the usual waffle batter here. Seems legit. (via A Simple Pantry)

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