It’s that time again, folks: Time to gawk at cute food recipes and dream up creations we can make ourselves. Nineties cake recipes are one thing, but gourmet donuts? They can seem incredibly intimidating to make. But actually, donuts aren’t that tricky, and the end result is ADORABLE. Here are 10 of our favorite ideas for inspiration.

1. Conversation Heart Donuts: Conversation hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. These adorable donuts are sprinkled with pin-rolled conversation hearts, making them a *perfect* surprise for your bestie. (via Aww Sam)

2. Panda Baked Double Chocolate Donuts: These super-cute panda donuts aren’t just for looks. They’re also DRIPPING with gooey dark chocolate. And those cute little ears? They’re made with Oreos. (via i am a food blog)

3. Yellow Cake Donuts: With sprinkles on top and white cake on bottom, these cakes will have you thinking you’re eating birthday cake. But you’re not — you’re eating donuts. (via Make Bake Celebrate)

4. Bear and Sprinkles Donuts: These ridiculously cute donuts don’t just have a cute little nose and pair of ears… they’re also color-dipped and topped with sprinkles. They’re made by the Australian food artist Vicki Liu, and we’re *in love.* (via HelloGiggles)

5. Mini Flamingo Donuts: These tiny flamingo donuts are perfect for anyone who wants to throw a flamingo party. Just pick up some mini cake donuts from the store and fashion these bad boys out of confectioner’s sugar, food coloring, store-bought fondant, some scissors, milk, and vanilla extract. (via Shoes Off Please)

6. DIY Melted Ice Cream Cone Donuts: HOW CUTE are these little confections? They literally have an upside-down sugar cone attached to them. Pro tip: If you’re having a hard time affixing the cone to your donut, add a bit of extra frosting to smooth things out. (via Studio DIY)

7. Delicious Kawaii Donuts: Kawaii is a Japanese term for cute, and we can totally see why these little cat donuts are kawaii. They’re perfect for cat-lovers everywhere. (via Fubiz)

8. DIY Pineapple Donuts: Pineapples are a fun and pretty food, so why not use them as inspo for your donuts? These cute DIYs would be perfect for a spring or early summer gathering. (via Within the Grove)

9. Pokeball Donuts: The PokemonGo craze may have subsided a bit, but we’re still nuts about these cute Pokeball donuts. You’ll need two donuts for each Pokeball: one traditional cake donut and one donut hole. (via Brit + Co)

10. DIY Detective Donuts: How could this cute cat detective NOT make your day? This is another Vickie Liu creation. We absolutely love these super-cute donuts. (via My Modern Met)

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