We’re HUGE fans of food art and we’re even bigger fans of cookies. So obviously when we found Batch Please Cookies on a recent Instagram binge, we knew we had to share these absolutely amazing edible portraits with you. Maker-baker Bethany Wiseman takes iced vanilla sugar cookies and paints mini masterpieces on them using gel food coloring — OH MY YUM! It was tough to pick our faves, but here is an art gallery’s worth of Bethany’s cookie creations.

1. Puns: We find it ridiculously hard to resist a pun — which is also why we love the name of Bethany’s biz — so when it’s painted on a cookie you better believe we’re snatching a batch.

2. Animals: We guess it’s kind of weird to think about eating your favorite cuddle buddy, but this is just too cute.

3. Sass: We know we aren’t the only ones who have always dreamed about sweets speaking our inner monologue.

4. Movies: Next time you’re prepping a movie marathon go crazy and invite your girls over to indulge in a batch with you.

5. Inspirational Quotes: When you are being thrown body positivity quotes from a cookie, there’s just no way to say no to one (or several). 

6. Love: Let’s be honest, how amazing would it be if your man got you these instead of a generic anniversary card?!

7. Sandwiches: We love a macaron, but a gorgeous ice cream sandwich totally trumps those French delights.

8. Celebs: You’ll feel young and beautiful while indulging in these Lana Del Rey cookies while dancing around the room to MJ.

9. Bridesmaid Proposals: We have seen some pretty creative ways to ask your BFFs to be bridesmaids, but this would totally make us say yes (and get full).

10. Disney: We’ve always wanted to be a Disney Princess, so dress up as your favorite, play that fairytale and make these cookies have a happy ever after with your stomach.

11. Attractions: Pack these for a day at the circus or zoo and the experience will be way sweeter.

12. TBT: Lisa Frank and the Peanuts gang. Need we say more?!

13. Design: These circular goodies look like they should be our business cards here at B+C.

14. Emoji: We love emoji any way we can get them, so why not take it up a notch and eat ’em. We’re in.

Prepared to pick up a dozen? Head to the Batch Please Cookie shop now ($30/dozen) and order as many as your stomach can handle.

Which designs look the tastiest? Let us know in the comments below.