Projectors are not just for the movie theater anymore. They鈥檙e not even just for movies. Beam is a projector that lets you project whatever is on your smartphone鈥檚 screen wirelessly, and it doesn鈥檛 even require any fancy setup. Just screw it right into any light socket, and point it at a flat surface. Your movie night will never be the same.


Inside its super modern, pendant-like silhouette, this fancy bulb has got an entire smart computer. Not only does it display what鈥檚 on your smartphone鈥 it can also think for itself. You can program it with a ton of 鈥淚f/Then鈥 functions, so if your alarm goes off in the morning, Beam can project the news and weather onto the wall as you wake up. You could also program it to display a recipe video on the counter while you鈥檙e cooking, or automatically pull up Netflix when you get home from work. House of Cards marathon, here we come.


Since it fits into any light fixture, you can have it shine onto a wall, on a tabletop or even up on the ceiling while you鈥檙e laying in bed. That last one sounds kind of dangerous for the binge-watchers among us.


The only downside to Beam is that the projection of deep, rich colors depends on the lights being completely off. But even if you can鈥檛 achieve movie theater-quality darkness, you can still see images well enough.


Beam is controlled by the Beam app on iOS and Android, so you can program everything right from your smartphone. You can even connect your smart watches and speakers to Beam. A $350 pledge on Kickstarter gets you this insanely innovative project.

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(Images via Kickstarter)