There are a few things that define a beauty girl: snagging the Naked Eyeshadow Palettes *as soon* as they come out, owning more lipsticks than clothes and knowing every beauty secret out there. Well, those, and incorporating your favorite beauty products into every part of your life… and that doesn’t stop at your birthday party. If the big one is right around the corner, use these 30th birthday ideas, tips and tricks to create a party with everything from lipstick party favors to a beautiful bubbly bar. Get ready, you’re about to have the prettiest birthday bash EVER.


1. Birthday Invitation-in-a-Box: Start off by sending the best snail mail your BFFs will receive all week year. This invitation-in-a-box will not only get your friends excited for your bash, it’ll also give them some inspo for what makeup to wear to your party. Include a note that tells your friends to wear the nail color you gave them so everyone can show off their fresh manis at the party. (via A Bubbly Life)


2. Bubbly Bar: A party isn’t complete without a bubbly bar. Since you’re throwing a beauty party, keep your bar feminine and trendy with pink napkins, striped paper straws and metallic accents. Your friends will be oohing and ahhing at your presentation skills through the whole party. (via Brit + Co)


3. DIY Makeup Bag: Every makeup girl needs a custom cosmetic bag. Add a DIY makeup bag station to your b-day party or make them beforehand and give ’em out as party favors. Either way, your friends will have one-of-a-kind pieces to help store all of their favorite products or accessories after the bash. (via Polka Dot Chair)


4. DIY Pucker Up Balloons: Grab your favorite lipstick and smooch a few balloons to get this lip-printed look. Scatter them around your space to keep it feeling extra festive. Want to go the extra mile? Swap out lip colors and make each balloon a different shade. You totes have enough lipsticks to make that happen. (via Studio DIY)


5. DIY Edible Gold Lipstick Glasses: If you’re obsessed with makeup, then you are well aware of the lipstick-stained-glasses struggle. Add this quirky touch to your champagne glasses using temporary edible gold. The best part? It’ll come right off, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your favorite flutes. (via Sugar + Cloth)


6. DIY Spa-in-a-Box: Consider your hunt for the perfect party favor complete. Put a spa-in-a-box together that includes candles, scrubs, lip balms and more. The best part is that you can customize it with your favorite products or beauty DIYs that you’re just dying for your friends to try. (via Brit + Co)


7. DIY Lipstick Piñata + Hairspray Piñata: Every theme-party thrower loves a good piñata, which makes these lipstick and hairspray options ideal for your beauty party. They add a fun element to the get together, and your guests won’t be able to resist taking a whack at it. (via Studio DIY / Studio DIY)


8. DIY Balloon Awards: Fun and cheesy games are always a must when you’re throwing a party. Make these DIY balloon awards to give out to your guests and include things like Best Lob or Strongest Contour Game. (via Studio DIY)


9. DIY Depotting Party: Eliminating bulky packaging and depotting your makeup into an empty palette is a beauty trick that everyone should learn. Pick up a set of empty palettes, tell your friends to bring over their blushes and other powder products and get ready to show this amazing beauty hack to your besties. A party that’s fun and productive? Yes, please. (via Brit + Co)


10. Mani Thanks Party Favor ($10): In need of a cute and inexpensive party favor? DL this printable and tie it to your favorite nail colors to give to your friends. The best part about this favor is that your pals will *actually* use it after the party


11. Lip Cookies: A dessert table is totes necessary for any party, so complete yours with lip cookies like these. Make your favorite recipe, use a cookie cutter to make the lips and top it off with icing or edible glitter. Kick them up a notch by adding trendy lip colors like purple and brown to the mix. (via The Little Cake Parlour / Gourmet Wonderland)


12. Lipstick Party Favor Printable: Beauty gurus have a serious obsession with lipsticks. Add these Audrey Hepburn-inspired printables to lip colors to send home with your guests. Again, useful party favors are the *best* kinds of party favors. (via Hostess With the Mostess)


13. Beauty Photo Booth Props ($70): Is it even a party if a photo booth isn’t involved these days? Add a simple backdrop and take it to the next level with these beauty props. This option arrives already assembled, which means less work for you!


14. DIY Nail Polish Bar: When in doubt, add some type of bar to your party if you’re stuck on how to make it unique. This DIY nail polish option is the perfect addition to any beauty party. If you aren’t a huge fan of the lacquer idea, go for other DIYs like scrubs or masks instead. (via Something Turquoise)


15. Nail Decals ($5): Problem: Hate waiting for nail polish to dry and spending hours on nail art. Solution: Nail decals. Instead of having a nail-painting party, opt for completing your party with nail wraps instead. You know what that means? Your friends don’t have to wait as long for their nails to dry… so more time to get your party on ;)


16. Beauty-Themed Cake: You’re turning 30, which means it’s time to go all out. Include a fondant cake that has a beauty theme like this one. The best part is you can go as simple or as extravagant as you want. (via Cake Central)

In need of even more party inspo? Head over to our Pinterest for more ideas on how to get pretty at your party!