For the longest time, oils got a bad rap in the beauty industry. But not all oils are created equal — and, in fact, some of them have been shown to be very, very good for you. We took a trip down the oil slick before, and we’re going once again. From the oil cleansing method to hair conditioners and body oils to winter-proof moisturizers, we’ve found 21 beauty oils that we think you’re gonna love.

1. One Love Organics Vitamin B Active Moisture Cleansing Oil ($38): Um, we’re obsessed with this stuff. We use this product every night to take the day’s grime off. You simply rub it gently on your face, add a little water (which will emulsify with the oil and grime) and then rinse. If it’s been a particularly long day, we’ll follow with a gentle cleanser, but in the mornings, this bottle is all we need to cleanse and moisturize in one shot.

2. DIY Eyebrow Growth Serum: This old trick is new again. The Beauty Department’s got a great tutorial on how to use Q-tips and pure castor oil (which you can buy here) to encourage your eyebrows to fill in like Lily Collins. Simple as that. (via The Beauty Department)

3. Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil ($46): Tarte works exclusively with a women-run cooperative in the Amazon that sustainably hand harvests the maracuja fruit to make this oil. Maracuja oil is a lesser known beauty oil that contains vitamin C and essential fatty acids. Once it’s cold-pressed and bottled, it’s known as “puro milagro” or “the pure miracle,” because of its brightening and anti-aging properties.

4. Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes ($9): Never in our lives have we found a nail polish remover that actually feels nice, but leave it to argan oil queen Josie Maran to do it. These convenient wipes don’t have that toxic smell and are actually conditioning rather than drying, so our cuticles feel great afterwards. And as if we couldn’t love this product enough, a portion of every sale goes to benefit the Polar Bear SOS initiative at the National Resources Defense Council.

5. Rodin Olio Lusso ($117): Basically, this is pure gold in a bottle. Olio Lusso blends 11 illuminating essential oils, including jasmine, almond, jojoba and evening primrose. It comes with a price tag, but there’s a reason this product has such a serious cult following.

6. MCMC Perfume Oil ($45): We wish you could smell through the computer, because this combination of peach, cherry blossom, Tunisian neroli and vanilla are absolutely lovely in MCM’s Phoenix blend. Perfume oils are also a nice alternative to fragrance sprays, which typically have more chemicals on their ingredients list.

7. Dr. Hauschka Body Oil ($29): On the more affordable end, but not skimping on quality, Dr. Hauschka’s damask rose oil will make you smell and look gorgeous. Put it on right after the shower when your skin is still a little wet to maintain moisture and that dewy glow all day.

8. Oil Pulling: So, oil pulling is all about swishing coconut or sesame oil in your mouth to pull out toxins and improve oral hygiene. It’s like a natural mouthwash and then some and Shailene Woodley does it. (via Bldg25)

9. RMS Beauty Oil ($74): This multi-tasking wonder oil will remove mascara, cleanse skin and act as a moisturizer. Using beauty oils can be a bit messy, but celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift designed this bottle as a dropper to make the most out of every… well… drop. (via She’s in the Glow)

10. Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil ($18): Ever wish your makeup was actually good for your skin? This one is. With nourishing argan oil and pretty tints that can be used on cheeks and lips, seems like it might deserve a spot in that purse of yours.

11. VERB Ghost Oil ($14): A hair oil that vanishes quickly (like a ghost), but not before it restores with argan and moringa oils. This is a great frizz-controling product for ladies with curls!

12. Michael Kors Bath + Body Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil Spray ($60): Despite what you might think, these sparkles give you a golden, pearlescent glow vs. a seventh grade sparkle.

13. Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray SPF 30 ($35): We know summer is winding down, but this should definitely be in your bag the next time you head to the beach (or the beach vacation). One of the many nice things about oil products is that you can often use them all over. This dry oil spray, for example, can be used on your skin and hair. It’s made from nyamplung oil and senna extract, which protect hair from sun, salt and chlorine, and that same SPF keeps your skin from getting too toasty.

14. Bobbi Brown EXTRA Face Oil ($63): Bobbi Brown’s formula is lightweight and mega-moisturizing for winter. It’s made primarily with a blend of sesame, sweet almond, olive and jojoba oils and smells like heaven thanks to the natural neroli, patchouli, lavender and sandlewood essential oils.

15. NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil for Face + Eyes ($36): Even your toughest waterproof mascara will be no match for this gentle, milky cleansing oil. Burdock root moisturizes and purifies, while annatto seed extract strengthens and shields skin from environmental stressors.

16. Herbivore Botanicals Nourish Facial Serum ($36): Formulated with highly concentrated organic oils and no fillers, a little goes a long way with this product. One of the secret ingredients is rosehip oil, which is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, fatty acids and beta-carotene, which gives the oil that pinkish orange color.

17. DIY Herb Infused Body Oil: Has body oil replaced your lotion? It might be time to try a DIY. It’s easy, affordable and you can customize your scents. (via Bldg25)

18. Too Faced Royal Coconut Oil Body Bronzer ($35): A warm glow that adjusts depending on your skin tone? Sign us up. This bronzing oil is packed with coconut oil and mangosteen extract for beachiness year round.

19. Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil ($32): Lightly luminous and very moisturizing, Bobbi Brown’s body oil is definitely not just for the beach either.

20. Shu Uemura Art of Hair Nourishing Protective Oil ($68): We’re constantly looking forward to our next salon visit so that we can feel the wonder that is this hair oil. When our stylist works in some of this super sleek elixir, our tresses look fabulous for days.

21. Burroughs Beard Oil ($28): For the dudes, this beard oil is all kinds of earthy and manly.

What oils are you into? Let us know in the comments!