Hey, DJ! Now, I could be doing a couple things here: singing the best Girl Talk track, hollering at DJ Tanner bc of her new haircut or talking to YOU, because one of the best apps of this week (and last, for those of you tuning in regularly at home!) will continue transforming your smartphone into DJ ground zero. If being your own iRonson isn’t up your alley, this week’s app roundup includes downloads for your podcast collection, your love of the ‘90s, another that will help you get out of a bad date and one more that will help do something good.


1. Adidas Go: As an iPhone runner (former iPod runner, thanks) an app that will drain my battery in exchange for providing me with the perfect tunes for which to run to is a fair trade. This one syncs with Spotify and your pace to cue up the best songs to keep you moving. Most perfect running buddy ever? I think so. I tried it out last night at the gym (and on the way to) and thought it was super cool. One caveat, while it is supposed to pull in your playlists and recommend songs, I found that the majority of tunes it threw me were not part of my regular rotation. I’m a running music control freak who listens to 30 seconds of the same 12 jams over and over so that didn’t work for me, but normal people will probably dig it.

DL It: Free on iOS


2. Skrlla: While perfecting running playlists are super important and all, there are a few things that rank higher on the life to do list, like helping out people in need. This app is like Venmo Lite with a heart of gold and will let you send (+ request from your friends) $1 to then donate to the charity of your choice all in a couple taps. If it feels at all sketchy to you, check out their disclaimer here. They’re acting as the middleman because right now Venmo does not let charities set up their own accounts, but trust. Also — BRB, gotta go launch my new startup “Venmo for charities.”

DL It: Free on iOS


3. Podcasts To Go: Stop me if you heard this one, but Serial got me super hooked on podcasts. Imagine that! While I’ve been content with the podcast library and player God/Tim Cook gave me, it’s time to explore what a more bespoke podcast manager could do for me. This new podcast library for Android phones organizes your subscriptions in a pleasing UI that makes me a little jeal. Droid lovers should check this out while free and in beta to provide feedback and make it even more awesome.

DL It: Free on Android


4. Bail Me Out: If you’ve ever wanted to hit the ejector button on your office chair during a way-too-long meeting or Alex Mack your way (#puddlestyle) out of a bad date, this is the DL for you. And by “you,” I mean everyone, right? Movies and Mindy Kaling make it look so easy to exit your way out of a terrible Tinder setup with a quick hushed call from a friend in the bathroom, but this app makes it even easier. With a push of a button (from your phone OR Apple Watch) you’ll get a call to bail you out. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to come up with the excuse (family emergency? car accident? something you’ll feel less bad lying about?).

DL It: Free on iOS, $0.99 for three credits


5. Tamagotchi Classic: We’ve seen (and downloaded and loved) our share of tech throwbacks before, but it’s time to bring Tamagotchi back in smartphone form. $1 is such a small price to pay for reviving the best part of your childhood, but it’s an even bigger bargain if you have an Apple Watch (that was free, right?). Not only is this app here for your Android or iOS phone but there’s a wearable version as well. Tamagotchi is back, better than ever, just about the same size as it used to be, for your fancy pants Apple Watch. Genius.

DL It: $0.99 on Android and iOS

What was the last app you downloaded? Share below!