When it comes to coffee, there’s a huge move to BIY (brew-it-yourself). The classic cup of joe doesn’t cut it for connoisseurs, who’d rather be their own baristas. Resources like Blue Bottle’s brewing guides and the Coffee Bureau blog help you hone your coffee craft at home. You can create the perfect caffeine-centric ritual in your kitchen, but what about when you leave? What if you’re not in a top coffee city? Do you take your chances that coffee along your route will meet your lofty standards? Try to get your daily fix from treats made with coffee flour? Tote your coffee paraphernalia along with you?

Thankfully, the famed Blue Bottle has got your back with a portable pour-over coffee kit. If you won’t be making coffee at home (or, presumably, drinking it in one of their cafes), you can use this kit, which has all the gear you need for brewed perfection.

They designed the Timbuk2 x Blue Bottle Travel Kit ($179) for “a wide range of coffee obsessives,” such as “the urban traveler, weary of stale hotel selections. The weekend adventurer, gearing up for a surf session or camping trip. The road tripper, now liberated from the scorched (and sometimes blueberry-flavored) disappointments of gas station urns.” There is no longer any reason to settle for poor quality coffee. As long as you can heat water, you can grind and brew — no electricity required.

Besides the water, the kit has everything you need to pour over on the go… and with style. It includes two stackable Falcon Enamelware Tumblers (so your travel companion won’t have to suffer from coffee envy), custom-made felt zarfs to keep you from burning your hands while holding the handleless cups, a Bonmac travel dripper that sits directly atop your tumblers, a packet of filters, a stainless steel Porlex mini hand grinder and two ounces of whole-bean Three Africans coffee to get you started. It all comes fitted snugly into a sturdy wax canvas Timbuk2 travel bag.

If you are committed to coffee at its best, this kit allows you to make it happen wherever you may be. Take it to work and avoid the constantly burned coffee pot. Sit by the fire and brew while glamping. Throw the kit in the car and stop for coffee when the view is best instead of when you pass some sketchy diner. The possibilities are endless and awesome with your new travel companion.

Would you use a travel coffee kit? Where? Let us know in the comments!