When reading The Hunger Games, were you enticed by Peeta’s bread-making skills? Or perhaps you’ve been dying to go to the Harry Potter theme park to try butterbeer? If you are constantly looking for recipes for your Game of Thrones viewing party, or your Dr. Who marathon, look no further than the Geeky Chef. All of the Geeky Chef recipes are inspired by our favorite TV shows, movies, video games and books. We’ve rounded up 13 of her nerdiest and most pop-culture-inspired recipes.


1. Spiced Wine: Hosting an epic Game of Thrones viewing party requires the finest spiced wine in all of Westeros. Impress your friends with this easy and awesome recipe. (via The Geeky Chef)


2. Nonfat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle: ’90s kids rejoice! The X-Files is getting a reboot. To celebrate, enjoy a Nonfat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle and don an epic pantsuit (Scully would be proud). (via The Geeky Chef)


3. Bacon Pancakes: Makin’ pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes! Have your own adventure time and make this morning treat. (via The Geeky Chef)

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4. Portal Cake: This cake is not a lie. Your friends will be GLaDOS that you whipped up this iconic cake from the video game Portal. Sorry, but we’re not sorry for the excessive puns. (via The Geeky Chef)


5. Butterbeer: Relive the magic of Harry Potter with your own homemade butterbeer. This ridiculously delicious beverage will transport your tastebuds to the wizarding world. (Recipe via The Geeky Chef; photo via Wizarding World Park)


6. Fish Fingers and Custard: For Whovians, this clever take on a bizarre dish is a must. Believe us, the recipe is a lot more appetizing than the title may suggest. (via The Geeky Chef)


7. Rock Sirloin: Zelda fans may recognize this delicacy from the legendary video games. Paired with a side of broccoli and a baked potato, this dish could be a go-to weekend dinner. (via The Geeky Chef)


8. Lemon Cakes: Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire (i.e one of the Game of Thrones books) know that George R.R. Martin doesn’t mess around when it comes to descriptions of food. If your stomach is growling as you’re reading, make yourself these tasty and beautiful lemon cakes inspired by the books. (via The Geeky Chef)


9. Turkish Delight: Everyone who has ever read the Chronicles of Narnia or watched any of the movies knows that Turkish delights are an enticing treat. Although you can buy them at a specialty store, making them home is a decadent and fun treat. (Recipe via The Geeky Chef; image via A Small Insight)


10. Fish biscuits: It’s been five years since the LOST finale left us with our jaws on the floor. Queue up season one and chow down on these Dharma fish biscuits while you try to find clues on the second watch-through. Plus, they’re probably way tastier than the TV version. (via The Geeky Chef)


11. Chimi-Cherry-Changa: When throwing a My Little Pony party for your small one, consider making these chimi-cherry-changas instead of a cake. They’re a colorful crowd-pleaser! (via The Geeky Chef)


12. Sweet Roll: After getting sucked into hours of playing Elder Scroll, bake up a batch of these rolls to satisfy your sweet tooth. (via The Geeky Chef)


13. Peeta’s Cheesy Buns: Fight your Hunger with these delicious rolls inspired by the popular books and movies. (via The Geeky Chef)

What’s your favorite movie/book/game-inspired recipe? Tell us in the comments.