There’s no time like… RIGHT NOW to get started on holiday gift shopping. Heck, some goodies have been on our gifting radar since, like, July. We at Brit + Co have been busy curating killer swag for all your holiday needs, from gorgeous jewelry to DIY kits of all shapes and sizes. We’ve got gifts for your gal pals, man friends, fave coworkers and family to boot! And we won’t tell if you scoop some of these up for yourself along the way :) Read on for 27 of our favorite gift picks from the B+C Shop.

1. Giant Gem Speaker ($40): We’re all about tech that you’ll want to show off. With this fun speaker, your lucky gift recipient can pump up the jams in style.

2. Soy Glad We’re Friends Candle ($18): Snag the sweetest little somethin’ for your besties that smells really dang good.

3. Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): continues to hit it out of the park with their adorable mobile charger. Hello, perfect stocking stuffer!

4. Jolly Brit Mixer ($13): Guess what? We teamed up with White Whale to create our own cocktail mixer! It is SO good. We mean it. Think spiced cider meets cranberry juice, but better. We’ve got big plans for this mixer, like hot buttered rum, fancy egg nog and even maybe cider-spiced cookies. AND it tastes just as yummy when simply paired with good ol’ rum.

5. I Love You, I Know Pillows ($90): These are some of our favorite pillows, and for good reason. Gift this sassy pillow set to your favorite Star Wars fanatic and call it a (holi)day!

6. Stitch the Stars 2015 Calendar Kit ($25): If your friends are anything like us, then unwrapping a brand spankin’ new calendar gets them all giddy. This particular calendar lets you sew constellations onto every month’s page. AKA we can hardly contain our excitement!

7. Wondermade Holiday Flavor Pack ($14.50): Sugar cookie and peppermint marshmallows, oh my! This is a nice update to the classic baked goods gift for your fancier friends.

8. Diamond Stud Earrings ($12): These Plastique* earrings are a super cute play on the original diamond stud and a great gift option for your little sis and officemate alike.

9. North Woods Candle ($16): This B+C Shop exclusive candle will evoke the enticing scent of a lush, snowy, evergreen forest — all in the comfort of your own home. Win, win.

10. Tarantula Nebula Scarf ($150): Scarf, sarong, wall tapestry… the possibilities are endless with this gorgeous Slow Factory scarf.

11. Gold Dots Print Carryall Tote ($48): This beautiful tote would make a great present for any and all stylish women in your life, no doubt about it.

12. Carve A Stamp Kit ($30): Yellow Owl Workshop’s DIY stamp kit is perfect for those that love to add a personal touch to their stationery.

13. State Lovin’ Wood Wall Art ($26): Duo Studio FTW with their broad collection of wooden states. Wouldn’t this be a sweet gift for your homesick friends?

14. Tropisma DIY Terrarium Kit ($45): Um, this is SO COOL. Like, the ship-in-a-bottle’s way trendier older brother.

15. Cup of Cheer Tote Gift Set ($32): 3-in-1 for $32? Yup. Yes. Please. This trio of hot chocolate on a stick, an adorbs mug and a festive tote would be a great present for that super sweet coworker of yours.

16. Lomokino Camera With Kinoscope ($99): Gift your favorite classic shutterbug this “gloriously analogue” 35mm film movie camera set. It has all he or she needs to record and watch their creations the old-fashioned way. #RonSwansonApproved.

17. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board ($26): This Fred and Friends kitchen tool is a LEGIT gift for that perfectionist pal you know :) Every slice, chop and julienne can now be executed with the ultimate precision.

18. Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix ($12.95): The next best thing to mailing homemade holiday cookies to your distant loved ones? Sending a no-fail tasty cookie kit that will leave them just as happy!

19. “Lines” Dinner Napkins, Set of 6 ($72): A Brit HQ favorite, this set of organic napkins will definitely bring a smile to the giftee’s face.

20. Antler Necklace ($36): We’re MAJORLY swooning over this Padgett Hoke necklace. TBH, many of us Brit HQ ladies have already bought one for ourselves. Now, to pick up matching ones for our BFFs…

21. Peppermint Hot Chocolate on a Stick, set of 5 ($25): Listen up: Stir these milk chocolate cubes of delight into some steaming hot milk and experience the most magical hot chocolate, ever. Repeat.

22. BKR Bottle ($30): Pick up the crazy popular BKR bottle for ANYONE on your list. Seriously. You can’t lose. These babies are perfection.

23. The Picnic Kit ($28): Cozy winter picnic, anyone? Gift this Other Brother Co. kit to your bestie with a taste for gourmet, and instantly elevate all her outdoor meals. Can you say GLAMPING?

24. Tabletop Tree Set ($50): We’ve laser cut our very own set of festive tabletop trees. Aren’t they gorgeous?? Dress up your mantel, dining table or holiday cakes with these easy-to-assemble decorations. Or gift ’em to those friends and family members in need of a holiday decor update ;)

25. Fisheye Compact Camera ($55): This would be a sweet treat for anyone with a creative eye. Plus, it uses good ol’ 35mm film for easy breezy development.

26. Metallic Hip Flask ($15): Give the gift of straight-A class with these jewel-toned stainless steel flasks. One for each favorite bar-hopping partner in crime, please.

27. American Pale Ale Beer Brewing Kit ($45): Picture this: Your favorite beer-fanatic pal opening this Craft a Brew kit on Christmas morning. Yeah, this is next level stuff. You just won the gifting game.

Which of these giftables are your eyeing for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!