The holidays are upon us, folks. The halls are decked and the malls are swamped. To help you on your decorating and gift giving quest, we鈥檝e been sharing a festive DIY every night for the last eight nights, consider it our little Chrismukkah gift to you ;) We designed them with gift giving in mind, but that definitely doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 create these adorable DIYs to keep all to yourself. In case you missed any or want to add these to your 2015 DIY project pinboard, here are the eight DIYs in all of their creative glory.


1. Hanging Pine Christmas Tree: If you don鈥檛 get to this one until after the holidays, don鈥檛 feel like you have to scrap it. Simply sub out the miniature pine tree for your plant of choice.


2. Industrial Copper Menorah: We know Hanukkah is already underway, so if you don鈥檛 get to this unique menorah this year, just get a head start on this one for next year鈥檚 celebration while you鈥檙e still feeling festive. Prepare to get the ruler out for this project.


3. Copper Tassel Necklace: Keep that love for copper going with this adorable tassel necklace. All you need for this statement piece is a copper sheet, some embroidery string, jump rings and a chain. Put those lazy, post-Christmas days to good use and bust this out in time to rock on New Year鈥檚 Eve.


4. Sweater Mittens: If you鈥檙e back home for the holidays and discovered an old sweater in the garage that you never wear, cut it up and give it a whole new life. Trust us; your hands will thank you.


5. Fabric Coasters: Keep your beautiful wood table safe from water rings with these adorable coasters made from clay and fabric. Craft these into squares, circles, octagons, the ski is the limit here.


6. No-Sew Beanies: Forget the friendship necklaces and create these fun beanies with felt iron-on letters for a gift both you and your bestie can benefit from.


7. Statement Ring: This giant gemstone ring might look like it鈥檒l cost you your entire paycheck, but in fact it鈥檚 super cheap (and super easy). Dip your toe in some basic wire wrapping with this statement ring project.

DSC_0024 (1)

8. Monogram Earrings: If you don鈥檛 want to paint the face of these cute letter earrings, this DIY could literally take only a few minutes. If you want to jazz them up a little more, brush on some acrylic paint or glitter 鈥 or both!

Did you try and of these DIYs? How did they turn out? Share pictures with us on Twitter 鈥 we鈥檙e dying to see!!