We’ve been drawing interior, party and beauty inspiration from Mad Men since the first episode. Now that this amazing series is coming to an end (series finale is tonight!), we’ve been obsessing over our favorite style moments from the show. From Joan Holloway’s jewel-toned dresses to Megan Draper’s “Zou Bisou Bisou” ensemble, these looks will be forever remembered in our mod-lovin’ hearts.


Betty Shooting Neighbors Birds

1. Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out: This fashion scene may not include Betty’s trademark red lip or fit and flare dress, but this is the first scene that we see Betty completely undone and showcasing that trademark Betty-Draper sass.

Betty Date With Henry

2. Fab Florals: Betty’s first outing with Henry may have been all business, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing her best red lip, gorgeous boatneck floral dress and matching manicure.

3. Mod Princess: The Drapers’ impromptu trip to Rome seemed like a fairytale. But once Betty broke out her date-night ensemble, complete with the pre-Gaga hair bow and impeccable accessories, we knew we were in a fashion dream. While she leaves her classic ensembles at home, her fun, sexy look on vacation screams stone cold fox.

4. Prim and Proper: Betty Francis’ field trip with her son definitely set her apart from the other moms. While the other mothers are farm-day casual, Betty is rocking an awesome orange sherbet shift dress with a matching jacket and drinking milk fresh from the bucket.


5. Mod Beach Babe: We’re always waiting to see what Megan will be wearing on each episode, but this Vera Neumann cover-up she wears in Hawaii is absolutely perfect. The color, the pattern, the sunglasses… we’re still in shock.

6. Zou Bisou Bisou: There have been a lot of memorable scenes from this show, but Megan’s rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou” is definitely a top fashion moment. The black sheer-sleeved mini dress, white manicure and heels bring us into the Mod fashion era of the show and we just can’t get enough.

7. Va-Va-Voom: Just when we thought Megan’s New-York style was perfect, she moved to California and blew our minds with bold patterns, major volume and super short hemlines. While she looks fantastic in reds, pinks and metallics, we’re loving this graphic purple dress on her. And that hair? We can’t even.

8. Jammin’ Jacquard: Megan’s magenta and jacquard floor-length gown definitely sets her apart from her former co-workers at the ANDY Awards. While we loved her wardrobe as Don’s temporary secretary, her dramatic post-SCDP wardrobe update is all shiny, bright and ever changing. We only wish we could see what she’d be wearing if the show ever shifted to late ’70s fashion!


9. All Business: Ever since Joan not-so-delicately tells her to “stop dressing like a little girl” in order to be taken seriously, Peggy has been rocking the trendy tailored suits of the decade and is rarely seen without a signature scarf.

10. Nautical Chic: We’ve been rooting for Peggy since the first episode and admiring her journey from Don’s secretary to #girlboss Copy Chief. She’s ditched the dated, modest dresses for strong, confident ensembles. This gorgeous nautical look (complete with the perfect red lip) not only sets her apart from the rest of the talent at Sterling Cooper & Partners, but it also has us dreaming of summertime.

11. Resident Badass: We’ve watched Peggy’s confidence grow through each season, but this is truly a defining moment for her. Armed with Roger’s gifted obscene painting, a cigarette and a bold printed shirt, she’s proudly claiming her role as McCann-Erickson’s resident badass.


12. Go-Go Sparkles: Sally Draper’s new outfit that Megan and Marie Calvet select for her father’s award dinner definitely had us thinking of the days when we were dying to try the trends that weren’t so age-appropriate for us at the time (’90s midriff tops, anyone?). Sure, the go-go boots and big-girl makeup are ultimately nixed by Don, but this is the first time in the series that we see Sally as a confident young woman and we love it.

Sally and Glen

13. School Girl Sass: Sally’s secret museum outing with Glen has her skipping school and primping all day, and we’re totally feeling the finished look. On-point hair flip, check. Exaggerated collar, check. Go-go boots that were banned by her father, check!

14. Teenage Dreams: We’ve always been a little curious to see teenage Sally’s summer looks, and this first-moon-landing ensemble is perfect. Sally’s finally said goodbye to her girly frocks and Mary Janes and opted for va-va-volume and teenage-appropriate separates.


Joan REd Dress

15. Class + Sass: We’ve been loving Joan’s super-tailored outfits since the first episode. She’s not afraid to be the boss and it’s definitely apparent in her wardrobe — all those jewel tones and fabrics definitely make her look like the queen of Sterling Cooper & Partners.

16. Plum and On Point: No one kills it in those office separates like Joan Harris. Armed with her signature brooch, this jewel-toned look is a perfect way for her to stand out in a sea of Christmas reds and metallics that the other Sterling Cooper ladies will certainly be wearing.

Joan Beach Look

17. Sophisticated Sailor: We were totally on board with Joan and Bob Benson’s budding friendship in the sixth season, but their day at the beach is completely overshadowed by Joan’s amazing nautical ensemble. We already know that Joan can rock any shade of red she wants, but the hair scarf (with hair down!) and anchor details definitely places this look near the top of our fave fashion moments.


18. Style Icon: We’ve always been a fan Trudy Campbell’s sunny, optimistic disposition, and her personal style is no different. So feminine and put together, Trudy definitely takes a few style pointers from Jackie O.

Trudy Pregnant Nightie

19. Pretty in Pink: No one could pull off a pink, ruffled nightie like pregnant Trudy Campbell. While we were a little shocked to see Trudy outside of her standard fit and flares and perfectly put-together outfits, this is one of the first times we see her at home and it’s giving us some serious pajama envy.

Mad Men (Season 5)

20. Watercolor Fashion: Don’s surprise party is full of memorable fashion moments, but Trudy Campbell’s patterned dress has us doing a double take. The watercolor floral ensemble may not be as trendy as what Megan’s actor friends are wearing, but we’re definitely starting to see a more independent side of Trudy Campbell — no more matching outfits and choreographed dances with her husband!


21. Checkered Frock: Jane Sterling’s impromptu office visit may have taken Joan by surprise, but it was her outfit that had us in shock. This bold black and white checkered pattern (with a matching hat!) is definitely a shift from her previous business wardrobe and she’s absolutely nailing it.

22. Tassels + Bold Patterns: Megan’s surprise party for Don was a full-on ’60s fashion binge. During Roger’s birthday toast, our eyes were glued to Jane’s bold 60’s frock. We’re loving how the oversized bow adds the perfect finishing touch. And those statement tassel earrings? #swoon

Jane and Roger LSD Trip

23. Mod Glamour: We’ve seen Jane’s wardrobe evolve from Sterling Cooper secretary to stay-at-home Mod to late ’60s glamour puss. This memorable ensemble for their LSD trip with friends is quite the finished look. With the heavy chandelier earrings, hair pearls and full, late-’60s sleeves, Jane is definitely one of the most fashion forward ladies on the show.

What are your favorite Mad Men style moments? Will you be watching the series finale tonight? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via AMC)