Whether you’re an introvert who feels energized from alone time, or an extrovert who thrives on being around others, networking can be awkward for everyone. Where do you meet new people? What should you talk about and how do you remember their names? Last but not least, what do you do with all of those business cards? Thankfully, modern technology is keeping networking from feeling awkward or intimidating. All you need is a positive mindset and the right tools. Scroll on for the best apps to help take some of the “work” out of networking.


1. MeetUp: If corporate networking events aren’t your thing, and you want something a little more specific to your personal interests, then try signing up for a meetup group. Whether you’re looking to find people who are as passionate about craft beer as you are or are looking to make friends in a new city, there’s a meetup group out there waiting for you.

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2. Elevate: This app was selected as “App of the Year” by Apple, and rightfully so. It’ll help improve your speaking skills, along with your focus and processing speed, which are all crucial skills for becoming a rockstar networker.

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3. Humin: Uh oh! A woman you recognize is coming your way, but you can’t remember where or when you met. If that’s ever happened to you, then you should download Humin right now. It allows you to search through your contacts the way you think. It’s the difference between searching for “Renee” and “met last year at Re:Make.”

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4. Shapr: Shapr is an app that lets you select up to 50 of your LinkedIn contacts to share your full network with. These people, known as your “Inner Circle,” will then receive five introductions to your contacts per day. Again, a similar interface to the beloved Tinder swipe, but for your professional life.

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5. CamCard: What do you do with all of those business cards you receive at networking events? Stash them in your purse? Toss ’em away? Well, with CamCard all you need to do is scan your business cards, so they can be automatically saved to your contacts. It’s that simple.

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What are some things you do to make networking work for you? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments.