Classic hotel chain Best Western is shedding its frumpy, old-fashioned image and has launched a hip hotel alternative to appeal to millennials. Their new brand is called GL艒, named after its new defining feature: a 鈥Lite Brite wall.鈥 Yes, you read right. They have a wall inspired by the retro Lite-Brite toy.


At each GL艒 hotel, the Lite Brite wall will extend from the building鈥檚 exterior into the lobby, giving the hotel some serious glow. In an interview with Travel and Leisure, Amy Hulbert, Best Western鈥檚 Manager of Architecture and Design, says, 鈥淭he Lite Brite wall acts as a yellow brick road leading guests into the lobby and to the welcome desk.鈥 But it won鈥檛 just stay yellow; the wall will be set on a lighting pattern that will fade between a clear white and blue.


That鈥檚 not the only feature meant to appeal to traveling young professionals, millennials and the like. Each room at GL艒 has a smart TV that allows you to Bluetooth your phone or tablet and stream directly from Netflix and Hulu. There鈥檚 nothing wrong with being on spring break and hunkering down with very large pizzas and binge-watching The Power of Myth like Rory and Paris in Gilmore Girls.

There are also under-the-bed storage units to save on space, giving you an extra 40-50 square feet of room for activities. And for those who will be working, the desks include ergonomic chairs from Herman Miller, and there鈥檚 a Business Bar in the lobby, where you can enjoy flexible work spaces and free wireless printing. But the best feature has to be getting rid of physical swipe cards. At GL艒, your smart phone will act as your key card, so you don鈥檛 have to worry about carrying another thing around with you all day and fumbling for it every time you come back to your room. They even include room service at the push of a text or email!

Best Western really may know us better than we know ourselves.

What new feature at GL艒 are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

(Photo via GManViz, BestWesternTV)