Over the last few years, at-home shopping parties have been on the rise. Companies like Stella & Dot have become a regular fixture in many women’s closets. With so many clothing options, LuLaRoe is another brand that’s started to grow in popularity recently. The casual leggings and dresses are Instagram fodder for many. With individual reps across the country, the brand winds up in the homes of many across the country, but recently, they’ve come under fire because of a poorly made product making its way into the hands of many fans.


In recent weeks, fans of the brand have taken to social media to share their anger with the company for what they describe as high-maintenance, low-quality clothing. Some items arrive with holes already in them, and other people are complaining about rips and tears the moment they put their new clothes on.

This is not what you’d expect with a pair of leggings, when you just want to bum around the house or go out for a walk. The company suggests that people keep a separate LuLaRoe laundry bin and delicately wash their leggings as if they were pantyhose. While leggings may not be considered pants by some people, they definitely aren’t pantyhose.

Even though the company claims that there are only a small amount of defective items, there is a Facebook group of dissatisfied customers that has over 8,000 members. CBS News also reports that there is currently a class action law suit against the brand, because they have been taxing people in states where they should not be charged tax for online purchases.

Maybe now’s the time to rethink becoming a rep for this brand, if you were considering it.

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(h/t Redbook; photo via LuLaRoe.com)