A little over a week after it was first announced, Beyoncé’s Homecoming special was released on Netflix on Wednesday, April 17 — along with a surprise live companion album of her unforgettable 2018 Coachella set, which came to be called Beychella.

Homecoming: The Live Album features 40 live tracks, opening with “Crazy In Love” and also including favorites “Drunk In Love,” “Run the World (Girls),” “Single Ladies,” the Destiny’s Child’s classics “Say My Name” and “Bugaboo,” and many more.

The album serves as a companion to the epic two-hour-plus concert film, which is the first official release of Beychella footage. Additionally, the special features exclusive behind-the-scenes clips and interviews about preparing for the show, as well as some rare glimpses into Beyoncé’s family life.

Naturally, the Beyhive got into full formation with the midnight release of the film and album, taking to social media to freak out together.

“WE ARE NOT WORTHY, WE DO NOT DESERVE,” one fan tweeted with a screenshot of the surprise live album appearing on Spotify. “HOWEVER, I AM GRATEFUL WE’VE BEEN BLESSED.”

As exciting as the simultaneous release of the Netflix special and album was, it also presented a particular challenge. “Beyonce, how are we supposed to simultaneously watch #Homecoming and listen to a live album,” one fan wondered.

“Beyoncé releases a film and a live album…..and I have to go to work,” another dedicated fan tweeted in the middle of the night. “I should have taken the day off!!”

“20 years in the game and Beyoncé got millions of ppl staying up in the middle of the night, just to watch a documentary about a year old performance,” yet another fan tweeted (at 2:30am, naturally).

“I’m a simple man, Beyoncé drops anything. I buy it,” one night owl (or early riser) said at 5am. “Sis could have a whole album of just breathing and I would still buy it with the quickness.”

The concert film earned rave reviews, with one viewer noting some of the stylistic choices made by Beyoncé, who not only conceived of and performed the whole set, but also directed the documentary. “Anyone else have to rewind the first time that beat dropped and director Bey cut from the yellow to the pink?!?! Y’all, THAT was already a MOMENT…5 minutes in!”

It’s safe to say the Beyhive was satisfied with their idol’s latest release. “I can’t believe she really did all of this for us,” one elated fan tweeted. “Bey could’ve given us her version of mediocrity, but decided to go all out. I love her, truly.”

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(Photo via Parkwood Entertainment)