We all look forward to that time of the month when our subscription boxes arrive on our doorstep filled full of goodies we can’t wait to get our hands on, like the hair + makeup samples from Birchbox. Through the $10/month service, subscribers can discover what it’s like to play with everything from big name brand essentials to cult products to new-to-you items that quickly become vanity staples, making it a must-have for makeup fans. But now, there’s more than just the fun-to-try beauty samples to get excited about: Birchbox is launching its very own makeup line.


The color-focused makeup line is called LOC (short for Love of Color) and was created in a collaboration with Birchbox’s own in-house product development team and YouTube beauty guru Tati Westbrook. Birchbox has always consulted with notable beauty companies when they’re creating special edition products for customers, which has informed the product team behind LOC like WOAH. This means the team really knows their ish from colors to trends to product types.


This line is seriously smart. First, the products’ sizes are intentionally smaller than what you’re used to — they’re designed to only last you about three months (smaller product sizes are an emerging trend brands like Stowaway have already gotten behind). That means you’ll likely need to buy new products every season, which means your makeup will *always* be on trend. They’re also ideal for the lazy and busy girl in all of us because the entire line is made in stick-form, so application is a breeze and you can throw them in your purse when you’re running out the door. They’ve created lipsticks and eyeshadow sticks so far, but more products are in the works.

Starting today, you can scoop up products from LOC online for reasonable prices, which is totally in line with Birchbox’s affordable subscription box model. The entire collection costs $46 — less than it costs for dinner + drinks at a nice restaurant — while individual products range in price between $8 — $10. We might get a little crazy with our labelling and call these our new favorite “drugstore” (priced) dupes.

Would you use products from Birchbox’s new makeup line? Which appeal to you the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

(photos via Birchbox)