After spending a whole lot of 2016 with Blake Lively on #bumpwatch before she and hubby Ryan Reynolds FINALLY confirmed that Blake was, indeed, expecting the family鈥檚 second little girl, tonight we got to watch her accept her first award of the new year. And readers: It was cute as heck鈥 especially the part where she confessed her adorably ambitious childhood goal and kind of confused us.

Nabbing the People鈥檚 Choice Award for 鈥淔avorite Dramatic Movie Actress鈥 for her role in The Shallows, Blake accepted her award donning a swinging fringed mini by Elie Saab and looking like the babeliest babymama in Hollywood. But y鈥檏now, that鈥檚 neither here nor there. Let鈥檚 talk about that SPEECH.


Blake went up to thank the audience and to acknowledge her mom for raising her with the belief that she should never let anyone tell her there was something she couldn鈥檛 do. 鈥淚 was always an ambitious kid,鈥 Blake said. 鈥淎nd so I set a goal for myself as a kid, and I knew that if I could accomplish this, I would be successful and I would be happy. And that was鈥 meeting the Spice Girls.鈥

Um, hello? Dying!

Anyway. Blake admitted that no, that never did happen, but she loved that the five Spice Girls were all distinctly different personalities who introduced her to girl power. And, acknowledging the other women actors also nominated for the 鈥淔avorite Dramatic Movie Actress鈥 award, Blake thanked the public for their votes 鈥渘ot just for this movie or for me but for girl power.鈥 Which maybe didn鈥檛 make the MOST sense, but it was cute as a bug鈥檚 ear so we鈥檒l let it slide.

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(Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty)