We’re all about taking something to the next level. These 21 tempting twists on the basic BLT do just that. Bring on the bacon, lettuce (or leek or leafy green) and tomatoes all day long with this collection of creative recipes. Oh yes, we almost forgot to mention this important tidbit: There’s even dessert, so we hope you save room.

1. Chipotle Lime Chicken Bacon Flatbread Tacos: Avocado is always a solid BLT upgrade. All this piled atop a taco along with chipotle-spiced chicken… well, that’s just about impossible to resist. (via Yammie’s Noshery)

2. BLT Pasta Salad: Take your BLT out from between two slices of bread and toss it with tortellini and garlic-ranch dressing to create one creamy pasta salad. (via Lovely Little Kitchen)

3. Fresh Tomato Bacon Salad With Creamy Tomato Bacon Vinaigrette: A drizzle of tomato-bacon vinaigrette takes this BLT salad over the top. (via Bubbly Nature Creations)

4. BLT Pizza: One more reason to skip delivery — this combo is best enjoyed within minutes so the chopped lettuce tossed on top après-baking is still at its peak. (via Perpetually Hungry)

5. Cauliflower Bagel BLTs (Paleo): Let us introduce you to this BLT-meets-breakfast-sandwich. Bonus: It’s paleo-friendly. (via The Iron You)

6. Pan-Toasted Gnocchi With Bacon, Leeks and Fresh Tomato: No lettuce here. Instead, thinly sliced leeks sautéed in bacon grease add the requisite “L” and a mellow oniony element to this delicious casserole. (via Simply Scratch)

7. Vegan Avocado BLT: Season up “meaty” slices of tempeh for a vegan twist on the BLT. (via May I Have That Recipe)

8. BLT Cornbread Panzanella: Serve up this awesome amalgamation — BLT meets green salad meets bread salad — for dinner tonight. (via Cookie Monster Cooking)

9. BLT Bites: Your guests will have a hard time holding back from popping these bites into their mouths one after the other. (via Delicious As It Looks)

10. Avocado and Gouda BLT Corn Fritter Stacks: Monumental, indeed. We’re dying to dig into this BLT tower finished with a drizzle of chipotle-bourbon dressing. (via Half Baked Harvest)

11. BLT Quinoa Patties: Delicious and healthy, these quinoa patties would be superb topped with any number of goodies beyond bacon, lettuce and tomato. (via Set the Table)

12. Cornbread Waffle BLTs: Sweet, savory and crisp cornbread waffles are a wonderful swap for sliced bread in this avocado and garlic aioli-boosted BLT. (via The Housewife in Training)

13. BLT Crustless Quiche (Paleo, Dairy-free): Skipping the crust makes this quiche extra easy and even better for indulging on the regular — and it’s so good that you’re gonna want to. (via Nosh and Nourish)

14. Andrea’s Spicy BLT Soup: Classic creamy tomato soup gets a bit of a kick courtesy of a couple chopped jalapeños. (via Martha Stewart)

15. Toasty French BLTs: Who says French toasthas to be sweet? Take this savory version for a spin, stat! (via E is for Eat)

16. BLT Mini Tarts With Bacon Jam: Is it just us, or are these twee tarts just too tempting for words? (via Domestic Fits)

17. BLT Dessert Bites: Brown-sugar-candied bacon with pecans, a dab of sweet tomato jam and microgreens are sandwiched between honey shortbread cookies to create an after-dinner delight. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

18. BLT Carbonara: This creamy carbonara flecked with pops of red and green is extra alluring. But the added veggies don’t just make each bowlful easy on the eyes, they also give ’em an ever-so-slightly healthier edge. (via Tide and Thyme)

19. Eggs Benedict Meets Avocado BLT: Break out these breakfast-sando-Benedicts the next time you host brunch! (via FWx)

20. Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys: No food coloring here. Garden-fresh green tomatoes are whirled about in a blender — along with a few tasty additions — to create a Bloody Mary that’s vibrant in every which way. (via Heather Christo)

21. Mini Bacon and Blue Cheese Wedge Salads: Bring the steakhouse to your kitchen table. Dig into these personal-sized salads before dinner tonight! (via Brit + Co)

How have you elevated the basic BLT? (Avocado alone definitely counts!) Let us know in the comments below!