Bangs are an easy way to change up your whole look. With a few snips of the scissors, you can have a beautiful fringe that even Zooey Deschanel would be proud of. We’re firm believers that full, layered bangs are never a bad idea, but there are other styles out there. Keep your hair fuss free and out of your eyes — while still making that fashion-forward statement you’re after — with a set of blunt bangs. If you’ve been ogling hairstyles-with-bangs inspo and are thinking of taking the plunge and joining #teambangs, check out these nine Instagram babes that are rocking the new trend.

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1. @aishahatter: Wispy, blunt bangs are the way to go when your hair is on the thinner side. For a higher-impact style, go for an ombre look (with dark roots and lighter ends) for a toned, dimensional feel. (Photo via @aishahatter)

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2. @kayysteeze: Match a blunt cut with a bold color a la Kayla’s fedora-adorned ‘do. The blue hue complements her skin tone, while the sunnies and red lip are just the icing on this statement-making cake. (Photo via @kayysteeze)

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3. @jessicavwalsh: Jessica’s dress may be wild, but her bangs are tamed. Add I-got-this vibes to any ensemble by tying your hair in a low knot and letting the front pieces frame your face. (@jessicavwalsh)

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4. @ohmaddirose: Hit two trends in one with a shoulder-grazing lob paired with blunt bangs. To recreate Maddison’s style, all you’ll need is a one-inch curling iron and a full brush to blow out your fringe. (Photo via @ohmaddirose)

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5. @kadin_godwin: Kadin may be playing coy in this photo, but her hair speaks volumes with its platinum hue and woke-up-like-this edge. Her straight-cut bangs add structure to a majorly free-spirited ‘do. (Photo via @kadin_godwin)

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6. @nette.y: Jeanette is really nailing the lob + blunt bangs look. She’d look equally at home at a Sunday brunch as she does communing with nature. (Photo via @nette.y)

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7. @corinaesquivel: This UK blogger may have gone over to the dark side when it comes to her overall look, but her baby fringe adds a playful edge that softens the overall effect. Her lazy girl-approved ‘do is perfect inspo for those of us who like to get up and go. (Photo via @corinaesquivel)

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8. @alicrider_: If winter is making you sad, wear a bright beanie and let your blunt bangs peek through the front. Ali’s seasonally appropriate dark lip adds a lovely contrast to her sunny look. (Photo via @alicrider_)

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9. @courtneyjacquln: For a more dramatic take on the trend, keep your fringe short and sweet just like this brunette beauty. Baance the minimalist nature of this cut with big, bold accessories, like a pair of statement spectacles. What a killer combo. (Photo via @courtneyjacquln)

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