It’s easy to see why the accordion skirt is a trend that just won’t stop — they’re soft, flowing and super flattering. And honestly, we’re 100% okay with that. By now, you probably know how attached we get to a good skirt. We’ve raved about scuba skirts, we’ve poured over peplum hems and now it’s time to circle back to all those pretty pleats. So here you have it: a collection of 18 ways to wear an accordion-pleated skirt.

1. Quirky: We love the way Steffy Kuncman styles her mustard-yellow mini skirt with a green polka dot sweater. Aside from the fact that it’s adorable, the skirt can also be paired with a crisp button down for a more sophisticated look. Oh, the possibilities! (via Steffy’s Pros + Cons)

2. With Sequins: Saying no to sequins is never part of the plan. The sparkly top shown is a great neutral to wear day or night. (via M Loves M)

3. Metallic Accents: Okay, really, this is an excuse for more sequins, but they look awfully perfect next to this coral accordion skirt. (via VIVALUXURY)

4. Leather Jacket: A soft accordion skirt + a sleek leather jacket = a match made in fashionable heaven. (via Glam Bistro)

5. Uneven Hem: This one’s even more playful than the traditional accordion skirt… if that’s actually possible. (via Wearing Fashion Fluently)

6. Summer Style: This light and airy look screams summer, from the lace and floral tank to the flowing midi skirt to the cherry red pumps. (via Made With Fashion)

7. Classy Lady: An accordion-pleated skirt can be super classy. Just follow blogger, Mary Orton’s lead and pair a neutral with a bright yellow cardigan. (via The Classy Cubicle)

8. Pleated Skater Skirt ($54): Maxi accordion skirts seem to be the order of the day, but this short one is pretty wonderful. And it’s bright blue, so there’s that.

9. Oversized Sweater: Felicity Porter flashbacks, anyone? This look is cozy and classy all at once. (via Ego Closet)

10. Modern Polish: Contrasting colors, clean lines and some envy-inducing heels give this look a sassy edge. Pair it with a crop top to complete the look. (via Haut Appetite)

11. Printed + Pleated Skirt ($1,270): This gorgeous piece may have a hefty price tag, but it’ll last you a lifetime. Wear it in summer, spring, fall and winter to maximize its potential.

12. Statement Accessories: Bold accents like a statement necklace and piled-high bracelets are good complements to a bright midi skirt. (via Style Pantry)

13. Heavy Metals: Bold, shimmery and certifiably eye-catching, this bronzed skirt is simply stunning. (via The Fashion Barbie)

14. With a Little Edge: A leather accordion skirt? Sign us up. (via KTR Style)

15. A La Audrey: It could be the sunglasses or the belt… or the sweater, but this look is all Audrey Hepburn and oh-so-classic. (via Bittersweet Colours)

16. Crisp: Bright white can be hard to pull off, but this style is easy, crisp and contemporary. (via Vanilla Extract)

17. Leopard Print: The texture of an accordion skirt is a perfect fit for some animal print accoutrements. (via Haute Off The Rack)

18. Flannel: Pairing a plaid blouse with your pastel maxi is definitely unexpected, but this outfit proves that it works. Go ahead, add a little edge! (via Urban Walls)

How do you style your accordion-pleated skirt? Let us know in the comments!