The verdict is in: Swing dresses are officially the most comfortable things to wear in the entire world. These dresses are loose fitting and perfect for warmer temps. But don鈥檛 let that fool you; they鈥檙e still incredibly stylish and can be worn to any and all events, whether it鈥檚 a formal dinner or a casual day outing. But let鈥檚 cut the chit-chat. We know you鈥檙e as antsy as we are to check these 24 trendy swing dresses out. Let鈥檚 go!

1. Swing Dress in Wave Stripe Print ($31): We can鈥檛 get over how great this print is. Who needs normal stripes when you鈥檝e got these awesomely wonky ones?

2. Amalie Swing Dress ($188): We love that the bold prints on this dress were paired with slightly softer colors. It creates the perfect balance, and therefore a perfect dress.

3. Swing Dress in Spot ($23): Mixing prints is fun, but this dress is special because the two prints are mixed on a single garment. Polka dot and floral prints have been hangin鈥 out a lot lately in the fashion world, and the result is amazing.

4. Sleeveless Swing Dress in Stripe ($21): Okay, we take back what we said about not needing regular stripes, because this dress is simple and gorgeous. That high neck combined with those tall socks gives the outfit a very chic Parisian feel.

5. Printed Dress in Sea Green ($40): This trend is light and flowy, so it only makes sense to pair it with a print that captures the same vibe. This dress would look so adorable with a light denim jacket.

6. Premium Swing Dress With Embroidery ($124): Oh, embroidery. We love you so!

7. Tally Swing Dress ($178): There鈥檚 something kind of retro about this print, isn鈥檛 there? All you need is a beehive and winged eyeliner to complete the look.

8. Cami Swing Dress in Rose Print ($42): One of our favorite kinds of floral prints (yes, there are different kinds) is black and white flowers paired with a bright background. It really emphasizes the print itself, while still bringing color to your outfit.

9. Swing Dress With Contrast + Dip Hem ($77): Doesn鈥檛 this look like it鈥檚 straight off the runway? This fashionable dress would be a fab choice for date night.

10. Neon Flash Swing Dress ($50): Ooh, yes! We need some sparkles up in here, even if it鈥檚 only a little.

11. Leopard Print Collar Dress ($29): Three cheers for contrasting collars! This might soon become your go-to LBD.

12. Beaded Cocktail Dress ($198): Fully embellished dresses have been so popular ever since The Great Gatsby came out last year, and we sincerely hope they never leave us.

13. Sleeveless Swing Dress With BFF Print ($42): These BFF dresses are basically the cool, grown-up version of those friendship necklaces you had as a kid.

14. Tango Swing Dress ($40): Polka dots are timeless, so this dress will be trendy forever. How cute would it look with a skinny red belt around the waist?

15. Petite V-Neck Swing Dress ($42): This nude dress is perfect for fancy events. To add a little color, perhaps pair it with a statement necklace or large earrings in emerald green!

16. Digi Floral Swing Dress ($31): Seriously. We LOVE floral prints.

17. Swing Dress With Tiers ($73): This dress is the best possible combination of super girly and boho styles. We recommend wearing it with a delicate floral crown.

18. Embroidered Bib Cotton Dress ($128): Still looking for something to wear to that big music festival coming up? Looks like you found it here.

19. Cutout Swing Dress ($20): We鈥檙e totally crushin鈥 on this reddish-orange hue. And you know what? This would also look gorgeous with some emerald-colored earrings.

20. Sleeveless Dress With Dipped Hem + V Back ($73): A dipped hem is a great addition to swing dresses because it gives them extra 鈥渁rchitectural interest,鈥 so to speak.

21. Cutout Rose Swing Dress ($28): Brides to-be, this dress would look amazing in your engagement photos, especially if they鈥檙e being taken in a city setting. It has that vintage floral print that contrasts so beautifully against modern buildings.

22. Swing Dress With Asymmetric Frill ($73): Whoa! Those frills are absolutely fantastic, and would definitely spark a lot of fun conversations.

23. Daisy Swing Dress ($18): Flower power! We love daisies with yellow centers, but these blue ones are too cool.

24. Marley Dress With Waterfall Front ($220): And finally, another formal pick. If you look closely, you鈥檒l see that the halter neck is actually made of metal, so you don鈥檛 even need a necklace with this one!

What do you think of the swing dress trend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!