When you’re bored of the same old, same old in your wardrobe but not quite ready to make major changes, hair accessories are the way to go. From investment pieces to cute pins you can pick up for just a couple of bucks, hair accessories save the day with their versatile applications. Fun and playful, they’re an equally easy and awesome way to put a new and no-fuss spin on your outfit (and hair!) game. Check out what we’ve got for you below.


1. Abbriv Bobby Pins ($15): Everyone has a favorite text abbreviation and now you have an opportunity to espress it to the world with these metallic beauties. Hold your bangs back with these pins and you’re just a finger point away from expressing your text message emotions IRL.


2. Over-sized ’90s Clip ($4): Pin it back old-school style with this oversized hair clip that offers a little hat tip to one of the funkiest decades ever. Give it a DIY design with nail polish if you really want to throw it back.


3. Gold Antler Clip ($126): Chic and rustic is always a winning combo and they come together exquisitely in this golden antler clip. Made in the USA, this homegrown slice of perfection is glamorous enough for wedding wear and relaxed enough for any ol’ Monday at the office.


4. Antler Hair Pin ($34): If faux antler isn’t your style, go for the real thing with this hair pin. Our Canadian friends north of the border have really outdone themselves this time: These pins are made from shed antlers (aka the ones that deer lose naturally each season), making this pin both cruelty- and waste-free!

Gentile ties

5. Knotted Hair Ties ($9): These knotted hair ties are stylish enough to wear as jewelry and gentle enough for everyday use in your hair. If you’re looking for hair ties that will leave your hair looking fresh after an entire day tied up, this set of five is the way to go.


6. Charm Pins ($8): Slip these minimalist beauties into your locks for a little extra shine, or put them to use holding flyaways down or pulling bangs back in a whimsical way.

madewell clip

7. Vintage Gold Ponytail Cuff ($13): This blingin’ ponytail cuff is the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your fall wardrobe. Gold and flannel always make for a great contrast, or add it to a monochromatic look for a pop of shine.


8. Metallic Scrunchies ($6): Speaking of blingin’, this scrunchie gives it an ’80s spin. Toss it in your gym bag and add a bit of old school glam to your workout routine or wrap it around a top bun for funky shine.


9. Snack Attack Bobby Pin Set ($130): This five piece collection is especially great because you can use them to dress for the occasion (pizza party calls for a pizza bobby pin!) or wear them in tasty combos. French fries and donut pin combo ftw. Yum!

gold twist

10. Gold Twist Scarf ($20): This golden beauty is made from wired chiffon which means that, with just a couple of twists here and there, you’ve got tons ways to keep your hair out of your face in shimmery style. When it’s not in use, sport it as a belt, bracelet or even a scarf.


11. Glitter Pretzel Clip ($16): Pretzels and glitter — gifts from the gods that come together in the epic and ultra whimsical hair clip.


12. Heavy Metal Hair Tie ($6): A little punk, a little metal, 100% fun. Wrap it around a low, messy bun for extra edge or simply keep it on your wrist solo or in a stack of gold bracelets — style and function!


13. Neon Bobby Pin Triangle ($11): The possibilities are truly endless with a set of brightly hued bobby pins, but this geometric take on the half pony is out of this world. If you need a little more heavy duty props for keeping your hair up, you don’t have to miss out — just pop these guys in behind your ear and use them in a purely decorative way. (via Cosmopolitan)


14. Star of the Party Hair Pins ($11): The varying sizes in this six pack of pins has us seeing stars… constellations to be exact. If you really want to get crafty with it, align them in Big Dipper or Orion’s Belt patterns and woo astronomers (and cute strangers) everywhere.

How many days will your hair be up and looking fabulous after scoping out these beauties? Let us know in the comments!