We thought we鈥檇 seen everything there was to see when it came to Champagne after Champagne gummy bears hit the scene.

Cheerful female friends dancing while having champagne in nightclub

As it turns out, however, makers of the French bubbly delight had something even BETTER up their sleeves: a 鈥 get this 鈥 Champagne vending machine.

Despite reports that a Champagne shortage may be imminent, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas has made access to Champagne easier than ever for its guests, with an actual vending machine 鈥 the very first open to the US public (although a private version exists for employees of Mo毛t-Hennessy in NYC 鈥 lucky!). Better still? It will even dispense mini flutes for optimal sippage. What could be greater?

What鈥檚 more, the machine won鈥檛 shake up your beverage on delivery, so you won鈥檛 wind up with half of it on your face/shirt/dress as opposed to in your flute. Phew! Check it out in action below:

So how does it work? Simply head to the front desk with a $20 gold coin with a valid ID, and you鈥檙e good to go.

Between this and these nine amazing Vegas shows, we鈥檙e thinking it鈥檚 time to book a little vacay, no?

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(h/t Elite Daily, photos via Morsa Images/Getty)