For those days when you can’t decide between a drink and dessert, we have the answer. Cocktail, meet ice cream. We know you’ll really get along. These 14 fabulous hybrids are the perfect treat for a hot afternoon or as the end of a delicious summer meal. Because hard alcohol doesn’t freeze, follow instructions carefully to make sure you wind up with the perfect result. Please eat responsibly!

1. Piña Colada Sorbet: This one gets bonus points for being so easy. Just throw all the ingredients together in a blender and then freeze. (via Spoonful of Flavor)

2. Stout Ice Cream: Inspired by one of the shakes over at NYC’s famous Milk Bar, this mixture is just the right amount of sweet, salty, and bitter all at once. (via Brooklyn Supper)

3. Moscato Ice Cream: Add this to your repertoire of no-churn recipes. It doesn’t get easier (or tastier) than this! (via Show Me the Yummy)

4. Mojito Ice Cream: A creamy base gets a nice long steep with mint. Add a super concentrated lime syrup and you’ve got a boozy bomb of flavor. (via Mind Over Batter)

5. Red Wine Ice Cream: No need to worry about food pairings here — this red goes with *everything.* (via Cooking With Janica)

6. Baileys Irish Cream and Brownie Swirl Ice Cream: Don’t wait until Saint Patty’s day to enjoy this special treat. (via The Sweet and Simple Kitchen)

7. Rum Cherry Ice Cream: If you can’t get enough of that summer stone fruit, here’s another way to get your fix. Fresh Bing cherries add a burst of seasonal flavor. (via Striped Spatula)

8. Gin and Bitter Lemon Sorbet: Ultra refreshing and perfect for those who like their dessert not-too-sweet. (via Domestic Gothess)

9. Bourbon Fig Butter and Smoked Sugar Ice Cream With a Fig Swirl: This extra luscious dessert involves a thick and silky fig butter. It’s the perfect way to spend those late summer evenings. (via The Bojon Gourmet)

10. Strawberry Champagne Sorbet: You can’t go wrong with the classic combo of Champagne and strawberries. We suggest adding a glass of bubbly if you want to get extra festive. (via Recipe Runner)

11. Marble Crème de Menthe Ice Cream Shots: There’s nothing like a little mint to cool you off. This tasty crème de menthe ice cream gets an extra shot of liquor before serving. (via Sugar and Cloth)

12. Cherry-Blueberry Amaretto Ice Cream: For a decidedly Italian vibe, check out this amaretto-spiked fruity mix. It’s a fun play on the classic cherry and almond combination. (via Tutti Dolci)

13. Burnt Caramel Bourbon Ice Cream With Milk Chocolate Toffee: The name says it all with this recipe. A smokey dark caramel syrup starts the ice cream base off with just the right amount of flavor. (via How Sweet Eats)

14. Piña Colada Ice Cream: Just add a little toasted coconut to throw this creamy creation right over the top. (via Blahnik Baker)

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