We’re pumped to get back to cooking and baking with one of our favorite spirits — bourbon. We’re definitely no strangers to bourbon cherry tartlets, cocktails and milkshakes, but this time around, we’re also trying our hand at creating savory bourbon dishes. So while we have tons of sweet treats in here, including ice cream, expect to see things like maple bacon bourbon wings and bourbon beef brisket, too. Pour yourself a stiff one, and read on.

1. Bourbon Bacon Pancakes: This pancake recipe was sent straight from the breakfast gods. From the bourbon syrup to the crumbled bacon topping, these flapjacks are everything. (via Tablespoon)

2. No-Bake Bourbon Balls: A ball full of bourbon and chocolate trumps a Jell-O shot any day of the week. (via Brit + Co)

3. Smokey Bourbon Baked Beans: Pair these bourbon beans, made with thick-cut apple smoked bacon and maple syrup, with either grilled chicken breast or a juicy steak for a hearty fall meal. (via The Cozy Apron)

4. Bourbon BBQ Chicken Kebabs: Generously coat chicken kebabs in a bacon rub, grill ‘em up and then smother them in bourbon BBQ sauce. (via Host the Toast)

5. Grilled Steak With Bourbon Caramelized Onions: We’re never eating another steak without these bourbon caramelized onions. No really. (via Food for My Family)

6. Beef Brisket With Bourbon BBQ Sauce: Slap some of this bourbon brisket in a soft roll, and you’re good to go. (via So Let’s Hang Out)

7. Sticky Maple Bacon Bourbon Chicken Wings: We can’t wait to lick our fingers after these sticky bacon bourbon wings. (via Best Recipe Box)

8. Crispy Bourbon Glazed Salmon: Eat this bourbon glazed salmon on its own, or try it on a taco or in a salad. (via How Sweet It Is)

9. Crockpot Bourbon Chicken Sammies: Between the crockpot bourbon chicken and the apple slaw, this sammy is loaded with flavor. (via Iowa Girl Eats)

10. Bourbon Old-Fashioned Shrimp: We never thought of pairing bourbon with shrimp, but it really works, as proven by this recipe inspired by the classic Old Fashioned. (via Gimme Some Oven)

11. Bourbon Apple Cider: Nothing screams fall quite like bourbon apple cider. Try heating it up for those crisp autumn evenings. (via Set the Table)

12. Bourbon Sour: This tangy cocktail is the ultimate autumn refresher. (via The Endless Meal)

13. The Presbyterian: This yummy bev is made with bourbon, ginger beer, bitters and candided ginger. Mmmmmm. (via A Golden Afternoon)

14. Bourbon Peach Pie Pops: Oh, yeah, we do love our pie pops. (via The Wicked Noodle)

15. Peach Scones With Bourbon Glaze: Let’s get a little boozy at breakfast, shall we? (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

16. Brown Sugar Bourbon Ice Cream: We don’t even know what to say about this ice cream, other than that it’s perfect, and we want to eat an entire gallon by ourselves. (via Brit + Co)

17. Buttermilk Cake With Bourbon Soaked Cherries: This gorgeous layer cake is topped with bourbon-soaked cherries. Soak them overnight for that extra bourbon flavor. (via Sugar and Charm)

18. Peach Bourbon Pie With Bacon Brown Sugar Crumble: The bourbon peach filling of this pie is completely addictive, and we’re wild about the bacon brown sugar crumble. (via Food for My Family)

19. Mascarpone Peaches With Salted Bourbon Caramel: Grilled fruit + bourbon caramel + mascarpone = these are a few of our favorite things. (via In Sock Monkey Slippers)

20. Bourbon Baked Apples: It isn’t truly fall until you’ve baked some apples… with bourbon. (via The Kitchn)

21. Blackberry Bourbon Cupcakes: These blackberry-packed cupcakes are topped with vanilla bean bourbon frosting. We may add some semisweet chocolate chips for some extra sweetness. Yeah, we do what we want. (via Southern Fatty)

Which of these bourbon recipes are you ready to chow down on ASAP? Let us know in the comments!