When we think of modular, flexible, small-scale housing, we think of THE FUTURE. But a new design for small-scale living in South Korea could be an interesting solution for people (and in particular couples) who are looking to rent affordable homes in overpopulated urban areas. Not only does the floor plan accommodate both businesses and apartment dwellers, but it also makes it significantly less awkward for you to break up with your significant other.

This micro-housing development by SsD Architecture lives in the Songpa district and includes 14 units of mixed-use properties that can be combined and separated depending on tenants’ needs (like when you decide to co-habitate with your next door neighbor, and then you decide not to). Residential flats can be transformed into commercial space and vice versa.

“We wanted to make the new prototype of housing in Korea,” Jinhee Park, principal-in-charge of the project, told Fast Co. In doing so, they’ve developed a community-centered way to make small-space living work. The apartments are only the bare minimum square footage required in Seoul (120 square feet), and all the furniture is customized for the spaces. They also include communal spaces like shared balconies, which means that the apartments hardly feel like little isolated boxes. Currently, the building houses multiple residential tenants as well as a café, auditorium, toy store and an art gallery to explore.

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