Not feelin’ a run today? Not feelin’ a run… ever? There is still an activity tracking app out there for you, my friend. With all this active, fitness-focused tech, it might feel like you have to define yourself as either totally Type A (A = Athlete) or womp, womp, Type CP (CP = Couch Potato). Maybe you’re somewhere in between, like the kinda gal who surfs the web by day and rides the mean streets on your cute cruiser at night. And, shoot, we saw you take the stairs instead of the escalator that one time. Well, Breeze is an app that will high five you the next time you do.

It’s all in a name and Breeze is as easy to use as its moniker might suggest. Download the app to your iPhone 5S and work with it to set a goal of how many steps you want to walk that day. If the info is already on your phone, it will even suggest a goal based on your activity over the last week. Breeze tracks your steps as you skip from A to B to CP, encouraging you along the way to your goal. Best yet, you don’t need to wear anything special or hook your phone up to anything else — your iPhone just needs to tag along for the ride in your pocket or purse.

The goofy cute guy in this video demos exactly what it’s like to use Breeze to reach an attainable goal (or at least we hope so). His is to tip toe to 7,000 steps in a day. If this video is true, downloading Breeze is like DLing a very encouraging mentor who nudges you to dance (sometimes with strangers) and throws confetti for you when you reach your goal. And we LOVE confetti.

Over time Breeze will smarten up, learning your daily routine so it can help you figure out when you could fit more steps or activity in. It’s good like that because of its roots — don’t freak out, but Breeze comes from the same people who created RunKeeper. That might be the computerized companion your friend who finds time/energy/the ultimate alarm clock to run five miles BEFORE WORK (perfect human alert) to use, but don’t let that scare you off. It just means that Breeze knows what’s up and wants to help redefine activity tracking by giving the low impact lungers among us an app.

Sometimes it’s not about becoming a better athlete or training for a half marathon/zombie apocalypse, it’s just about encouraging you to be more active. That’s the only goal Breeze has, you get to set the others. Right now, the app is only compatible with iPhone 5S, but the company plans to expand to other devices, including Android and, inevitably, wearables.

Do you use an activity tracker? Does Breeze sound like the one for you? What fitness or activity goals do you have?