What do you get when you combine killer yoga moves with stunning street art? One rad Instagram account that has us wanting to say namaste to the studio and take our moves to the streets. Describing itself as “living artfully,” @spritesoren has curated one of the most colorful and inspiring Instagram accounts we’ve ever seen.

In an interview with Instagram, Soren talks about how she grew up in an artistic family and became fascinated with street art while in college. So how did yoga enter the picture? “I spent my first Midwestern winter shocked, frozen and hiding from the cold,” Soren said. “I knew I needed to adapt and create my own warmth. Yoga was the answer.” Now an established yoga teacher in Chicago, Soren found a fantastic way to blend her love of street art with her inner zen.

Soren told Instagram that she wanted to accent the artwork she found in Chicago while complimenting it with human interaction, and yoga provided the perfect display of shapes and expressions. We love this version of “morning coffee.”

As Soren develops her own community, she broadens the reach for the artists she highlights. She especially loves collaborating with street artists and tries to showcase artists who might otherwise have limited options when it comes to sharing their style. “Artist recognition is very important to me. If people are drawn to my images, they need to know who I am collaborating with,” she explains.

Anyone who manages to coordinate their yoga outfit with the street art behind them gets extra points in our book.

Where is the coolest place you’ve ever done yoga? Share your photos in the comments below!