It’s the case that rocked us in the spring: Former Stanford University swimmer, Brock Turner, was given what many believed to be a “slap on the wrist” sentence for the brutal assault of an unnamed woman on campus. Even Vice President Joe Biden felt the need to speak up against his horrible act, which spawned a much debated new alcohol policy at the school earlier this month. Others, like graduating student Andrea Lorei, used Stanford’s commencement ceremony back in June as an opportunity to protest the university’s handling of the ordeal.

brock turner

This Friday, September 2, while most students will be preparing to get into their dorm rooms, Turner will be preparing to walk free from jail, having served only half of his initial jail time. To say that people are upset about it would be an understatement.

Twitter has been blowing up with this news, and it’s been savage, swift and honest.

People were quick to clarify their stance on what we should be calling him in the media:

Many others pointed out the privilege of only serving three months:

Actress Abigail Breslin has no words.

While we can’t begin to imagine how his victim feels, we’re sure that she probably has a mix of the many emotions that people around the country are sharing.

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