As part of today’s Bro + Co launch, we’re pumped to present a brand-new bespoke set of emoji the bros in your life will love: Bromoji! Created in collaboration with emoji designer extraordinaire Julia Heffernan (of Taco Emoji and Washington Post March Madness Emoji fame), these bromoji are ready to bro down.

We’ve got all the basics covered, from a Herschel-inspired backpack to Bros Icing Bros to the best new emoji of all time: the Hairy High Five. Scroll on to see these emojis close up and be sure to download your faves. To save the emoji to your phone so you can use them, click the download link, then tap and hold the image. A prompt to copy the emoji (or save to your camera roll) should show up. Then bromoji the day away!

>> Download the Sunglasses Emoji

>> Download the Lumbersexual Emoji

>> Download the HAIRY HIGH FIVE Emoji (and give yourself a high five while you’re at it)

>> Download the Bros Icing Bros Emoji

>> Download the Hip Backpack Emoji

>> Download the Cheers to Craft Beer and PBR Emoji

>> Download the Necktie Emoji

>> Download the Converse High Top Emoji

>> Download the True Bromance Emoji

>> Download the Bowtie Emoji

>> Download the Ryan Gosling or Blond Dude With a Beard from Connecticut or California Emoji

>> Download the Hoodie Emoji

>> Download the Undies Emoji

Thanks again to badass designer Julia Heffernan for teaming up with us to make these magical bromoji happen!