If you’re anything like us, your heart skips a beat every time you see a phone drop. And when it’s your own phone hitting the ground? We know once it slips out of your hands and gravity takes over, all that’s left to do is desperately hope you won’t have to dig into your back account to replace it. We’re not above a celebratory dance when we discover that our phones have survived a clumsy drop, but short of resorting to clunky cases, we haven’t found a way to prevent this panic… until now.


We were intrigued by Buff, the phone case that promises to protect your phone without hiding it. Less is more when it comes to Buff. The case is made from a comfortable polycarbonate and provides a two-millimeter barrier on all sides of your phone. The case’s design is just as strong as it is minimal. Don’t believe us? Just watch this video.

If you’re daring enough to bare your phone, then you should support Buff’s Kickstarter campaign. At only $15, Buff is even more affordable than other minimalist smartphone cases, like the Lucidream exo-Skeleton. There are seven days left in the Kickstarter campaign, so if you pledge now and the campaign is fully funded, you’ll have a sexier phone case in your hands this spring.

Would you purchase a Buff case? How do you protect your phone? Let us know in the comments below!